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WWE RAW Supershow Rating from Last Night, BCS Game Competition

– The January 9th WWE RAW Supershow scored a 2.9 cable rating with 4,008,000 viewers. This is down from last week’s 4,438,000 viewers and 3.1 rating. RAW’s viewership dropped again this week as the first hour did a 2.96 rating and the second hour did a 2.77 rating – a loss of 176,000 viewers.

In comparison, the BCS Championship Game on ESPN did a 16.22 rating with 24,214,000 viewers but was down 15% from last year’s game.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    Raw hasn’t been that bad. But Jericho not talking is definately going to lose viewers.

  • Albert

    They have to stop with this supershow crap, its obviously the cause of the drop in ratings. People are not tuning in cause its always the same wrestlers performing and smackdown is loosing a lot cause most of their top stars can be watched on RAW anyway… its stupid cause it takes away from the newer/mid carders/divas which is sad and also will hurt the company in the future when they realise that they should have given their younger talent more time to get over with the crowd, i mean randy and cena are not going to be here for ever

  • Ricardo

    @Jimbo – Dude, that’s the forbidden opinion! Wrestler X, together with Mighty Mouse Dragon, are supposed to be a gods. Certainly they’re a draw. Certainly it’s not their fault – it has to be that damn WWE booking. The same booking that turns broomsticks like Mark Henry to gold… just doesn’t work on beautiful princes like them. Yeah, it’s the booking alright.

  • Big T

    I have been nothing but disappointed in Raw for the last couple of months. The first time I have been excited by anything was the twist on the Brodus Clay debut. When an R truth promo is the highlight of the night, its a good indication that change is needed. They really need to capitalize on this Jericho thing cause I’m disappointed (but intrigued) so far.

  • HR

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlaH

    plus the bcs game was crap

  • Jimbo

    Clearly (Wrestler X) is not a draw.

  • simon07

    Ouch, nearly down to 3 million viewer, thats not good. Especially the 2.77 rating.