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WWE RAW Supershow Rating from This Week, AM RAW, Competition Next Week

– The September 3rd episode of WWE’s AM RAW scored a 0.35 cable rating with 376,000 viewers.

– The Labor Day episode of WWE’s RAW Supershow this week did a 3.0 cable rating with 4.2 million viewers. This week’s first hour averaged a 3.06 rating and the second hour did a 2.94 rating. Like the previous week, viewership is dropping as the show goes on.

RAW faces stiff competition next week with a Monday Night Football NFL doubleheader.

Source: PWInsider

  • Brock

    Ofcourse Nicholas, CM Punk is the savior of the WWE. I mean hes the greatest thing since slice bread, think of all the ratings he brought in his first few years. Come on people, hes a great talent, not a God.

  • Nicholas G

    I think in time the rating and the viewership will go up in the WWE because of CM Punk. It not going to be today or tomorrow put very soon WWE will rise again. Remember this with STone Cold Steve Austin the ratings didn’t go up right away it took sometime the same can be for Punk. In time WWE will go up but right now there is still some work to do. To me it is a good thing just telling me there is hope for the future but for now just have to wait for a little bit. I also will say it is normal for this time of the year around Labor Day that the ratings are pretty low so no problem for me.

  • dannl

    i blame cena for the second hour, because that match was horrible. how many times have we seen it? super cena out numbered, super cena over comes the odds, and still has time to make a joke out of the current champ.

    really, he was beat up before the match, it was 2 on 1, he wins, then he still has time to embarrass the champ at shows close? really? come on!

    i get that some people really dig cena, and he’s good for business, i’m just asking…make him more interesting. his character is boring, having him take out the whole locker room 5x over is getting out of hand. it’s just not fun.

  • venom

    I think Raw has gotten better since the Punk storyline. A little less predictable.