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WWE RAW Viewership Drops Across All Three Hours Again This Week

– Monday night’s post-Survivor Series episode of WWE RAW averaged 4.135 million viewers, up 9% from last week’s 3.802 million viewers.

This week’s show did 4.318 million viewers in the first hour, 4.292 million viewers in the second hour and 3.796 million viewers in the third and final hour. The bad news is that RAW continued to lose viewers as the show went on for another week.

  • StocktonJoe

    I DOUBT Cena brings in that much in merchandising. AND, merchandising is why they push Cena and Rey. Follow the money.

  • StocktonJoe

    It’s either “we acknowledge we’re going up against the NFL,” or “the dog ate my homework.” The trend of shedding viewers DURING a single episode means:
    * Viewers are getting bored, so they change the channel
    * Three hours is TOO LONG. Eliminate all the “last week on RAW” crap, and you’re down to 2 hours.

  • Omar

    Oh Thank God! I hope they realize that bringing in Cena to the forefront does not guarantee success.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    O well, who cares about ratings when Cena brings in 100 million to the WWE every year right. Obviously the product doesn’t matter *SMH*