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WWE Re-Writes Script for 2015 Movie to Replace CM Punk, WWE Distancing Themselves

– We noted before that WWE was facing an issue with CM Punk being tied to a lot of licensing and future projects. Word from someone working on WWE Studios’ Flinstones movie that comes out in 2015 reports that the script is being re-written for another Superstar to replace Punk’s character, likely Rey Mysterio. Rey has indeed been added to the movie.

WWE is really trying to distance themselves from CM Punk and not use any Punk material, as seen with them removing him from WrestleMania recap video packages and other media. Regarding the 24 episodes of Slam City that are completed, WWE couldn’t take Punk’s character out because they’ve been done for months but they will be downplaying his involvement.

The Camp WWE adult cartoon that is expected to hit the WWE Network this year will also likely be re-done now that Punk has left the company.

Source: PWInsider

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