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WWE Reaction To TNA Sale Rumors, Ex-WWE Talent Works TNA Dark Match, Kurt Angle

– In response to online reports that the Carter family is looking to sell TNA Wrestling, Janice Carter, mother of president Dixie Carter, issued a memo to employees on Nov. 1 squashing rumors of sale talks and that her family was fully committed to the organization. However, according to, she is lying as multiple sources within the organization have stated that negotiations are currently being held for potential buyers. Furthermore, nearly everyone who has been speculated online, including musician and Resistance Pro Wrestling owner Billy Corgan, is not involved in the negotiations.

It is said that some WWE officials are following the story very closely, with one source quoted as saying “more so than people would ever imagine.” It is not because the sports-entertainment organization is interested in purchasing TNA, but rather because they are curious to know who desires to and what the status will be of some talents (specifically Hulk Hogan and Sting).

– In unreported news, Ohio Valley Wrestling talent Marcus Anthony, a former developmental wrestler for WWE, competed in a dark match prior to Thursday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Cincinnati, Ohio (Anthony posted a message on Twitter congratulating him). It is not known who his opponent was.

– In this “#IMPACT365” video, Kurt Angle shows how his family trains in the Angle home.

  • Jason Lentini

    Not entirely true. Sting was under contract to WCW when Vince bought them yet we never seen Sting in the ring as Vince had to buy him out. Several big names were not seen on WWE TV as their contracts were bought out and that probably happen in this case.

  • Cropsy

    Either way I’ll be stoked to see ‘the rise and fall of TNA’ when it comes out.

  • Scooter

    I’d imagine someone is following it but I don’t think it’s a high priority.

  • rabid

    Seems like now the writers are trying to save face after the whole billy corgan fail they went on and on about. I’m also strating to wonder if the carters don’t want to sell but perhaps someone wants to invest not buy

  • JohnCena33

    I think Vince should just buy them out. To him it wouldnt be that much money, he gets top talents that could draw huge for wwe ( hogan, sting, hardy, angle) plus a great video library along with AJ and Joe, maybe WWE could then go back to thursday nights and have TNA talent be on smackdown. This probably will not happen though.

  • drumking619

    Don’t know if that story is true or not. Sounds made up but on the other hand I can just imagine Vince running around asking everyone what TNA is up to.

  • CC

    I think its obvious WWE would be interested in any sale of TNA as they wouldn’t want to be caught out if someone takes control who could do a Ted Turner and actually spend a shit load of money on setting the company up as actual competition.
    Yeah, there are very few people who could actually do that, but you only need one person to buy TNA if its the right person.