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WWE Ref Having Surgery, More on Cole’s Commentary, Network PPV Plans

– As of this week, WWE is planning to keep the normal 2012 pay-per-view schedule with the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 28 but from April through December, the plan is for only SummerSlam and Survivor Series to be national pay-per-views – the rest are set to air on the WWE Network as specials. Those also may remain on pay-per-view based on the idea that much of the country won’t be able to access the Network.

– WWE referee Justin King is having an undisclosed surgery in the coming weeks and is expected to be out of action for several months. The surgery is reportedly not related to any injury he has suffered on the job.

– As noted earlier, there has been internal discussion about how Michael Cole has buried talents over the past year and how that burying hasn’t helped them any. Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan were specifically brought up as far as Cole burying them goes. It was pointed out that Cole has put them down in commentary forever and both haven’t been booked as main event talents up until recently and it showed when they had to rely on Bryan, Ryder and CM Punk to carry the RAW main event, which flopped, a few weeks back.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Matt

    and of course punk/ryder etc… get the blame for a ratings slump at christmas time…

    wasnt there also a football game on that night?

  • sandman

    that main event flopped cause all the little jimmys at him didnt have john cena or randy borton to watch. But it truly think del rio is to blame for the bad ratings and need to push kane once again as a heel.

  • Aldo Montoya

    Ratings are down because Cole taught fans not to care about the match itself by ranting every time instead of focusing on the match. Storylines should add flavor to the matches, not detract from it. Casual fans tune in and out because they are no longer interested in the match itself, especially those lower in the card. I want to hear the words like “Uranage”, “Exploder Suplex”, and “Abdominal Stretch” again in a WWE broadcast just like when JR and Joey Styles were broadcasting. The names add color not just to the moves, but to the match itself.

  • Phil Collins

    I agree with a lot of the comments here especially that WWE did it to themselves. They took way too long to put Ryder on TV then when they did they drag out the whole U.S. title angle too long then they have Cena basically hand him the U.S. title shot and that does take away cred from him. There were about a hundred more creative ways to put the title on him. And then you have Bryan who has been on a losing streak and constantly buried by Cole which also takes cred away from him even with the belt and even more so considering the circumstances under which he won.

  • venom

    Bryan has been losing a lot of matches ever since he won MITB, then when you have somebody like Cole bashing him all the time, of coarse he isgoing to have a hard time getting over.

  • simon07

    In all fairness booking Bryan as a jobber for months hasn’t helped him either.

    And going from having Ryder never on TV to sometimes being on Smackdown as Teddy Longs assistant to then being a ‘credible’ challenger for the US championship is stupid. These things are far worse than a heel announcer putting them down.

  • chronoxiong

    Good job Vince. Thanks for feeding lines to Cole because it backfired on you! Lol..

  • Boots to Asses

    I’m going to start a petition to get Cole off Raw and send him to Smackdown for good. Bring J.R. back for good instead of “teasing” it just because Triple H was in charge. Cole is getting way too much exposure in WWE.

  • TS93

    @scooter: from a lions tale?
    “if u say he’s old and past his prime and lose to him, you lost to sum1 past their prime. If u beat him, then u just beat up an old man”

  • Zane

    For the love of God, Cole just shut up.

  • Splash

    If you’re selling a product to the public you sell the benefits you don’t sell the flaws or weaknesses. Cole I understand is a character on TV so this falls on every executive in the back thinking this type of commentary would be a good idea.

  • scooter

    I think the key thing here is what jericho said in his book about how you should always make an opponent look good even cole as a heel should be making a guy like bryan look good because bryan is the guy who shares segements with cole if coles going to draw he needs a strong babyface standing across him yeah call him a nerd etc. BUT also get over the fact that he can get it done in the ring!

  • jim

    WWE did it to themselves Cole is told what to say next story line have them beat the hell out of Cole and then he sings praises for them or he keeps getting his ass beat WOW

  • Bill

    When it comes to making Cole do garbage commentary, what goes around comes around.