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WWE Releases New Batista T-Shirt, Edge Talks Wrestling

– Following the Twitter Q&A session he did on Monday night, Edge continues to answer fan tweets about his life after wrestling. He tweeted on Tuesday afternoon

“I still love wrestling, it just doesn’t consume my life like people assume it should. To me that’s not healthy”

– has released a new line of retro t-shirts, including one for former superstar Batista. This is the first new Batista merchandise the company has released since his departure back in 2010.

  • Jeremy

    All he said was that he still loves it but it doesn’t consume his life…..those are all positives to me. Take it easy “Prince”

  • gdigi21

    King, I don’t see how Edge is being bitter in any way. The man had to give up the biggest passion his life due to injury. He had to move on. He can’t stay focused on something he can’t do anymore and I’m sure hundreds of people asking if he’ll come back gets to him a bit. Its obvious he owes a lot to wrestling… I seriously doubt he has forgotten that.

  • diablo

    If it wasn’t for wrestling he would still be married dumb ass so let him to be bitter if I was with Beth I would be bitter too

  • King

    i swear edge is starting to become such a bitter baby these days….just the shit hes been saying lately is really getting annoying…im An Edge fan but wow hes become bitter these days…ok granted u put in your time & all that & u are retired but damn he acts likes above wrestling now it seems…well he needs to remember everything he has today is from wrestling…that includes him having beth Phoenix

  • Best In The World

    wouldnt mind seeing batista back some time soon, but probably unlikely