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Four WWE Releases Confirmed in the Past Week

According to new reports, several WWE developmental releases have been made in the past week.

Eli Cottonwood, who appeared on WWE NXT, requested for his release from the company and had it granted. Cottonwood received a job offer outside of the wrestling business and decided to take it.

Jiro, who was originally trained in Japan by TAKA Michinoku’s Kaientai-Dojo, has also been released, along with Benicio Salazar, a Mexican talent who worked under a mask in Mexico as El Hijo del Medico Asesino, and Sonny Elliot, a developmental talent from Australia, who have all been released from their developmental contracts.

All four wrestlers have been removed from the FCW roster page.

  • david

    as far as brock being at wrestlemania and wrestling the undertaker im sorry but boring storyline.i have an idea for wrestlemania they should put 2 ppl who have never faced at wrestlemania and this will bring money into vinces pocket in a big way the main event as the undertaker and the streak v.s. bill goldberg as the main event at wrestlemania

  • adam

    @little jimmy i agree with most of yours thoughts on who should be fired. But hawkins and reks are a pretty good tag team they actually work better together then the tag team champions. Katlyn has gotten better in the ring latley. Johnny curtis is good they just screwed him because he won nxt and was supposed to get that tag tile shot with R truth and they just forgot about it.

  • Little Jimmy

    WWE needs to stop releasing FCW talent and start with the main roster. However I’d say it is too hasty to get rid of alot of the Superstars\NXT guys.

    My picks would be…..
    JTG: He can be repackaged 20 times but he’ll always be expendable.

    Yoshi Tatsu: I think his times up, Even on B & C shows it’s hard to watch him.

    The Great Khali: WWE see him as a mammoth heel but it’s clear 99% of the fans
    him as an immobile walking disaster.

    Hornswoggle: Little Jimmy contributes little and fails Epic. Come on he’s awful.

    Percy Watson: He seems out of his depth even on NXT, which ain’t good.

    Tyler Reks: I know people like his team with hawkins, but Reks is mediocrity at It’s best.

    People who survive the chop…

    Michael McGillicutty: His current gimmick is dull as dishwater however if WWE let him be Joe Hennig “Mr Perfection” he’d be over.

    Curt Hawkins: He’s a guy who screams RELEASE ME but to me he is one hell of a loyal and hardworking employee who’s talented in the ring. I’d reunite him with Ryder to perform as “The Broski’s”

    Jinder Mahal: This guy to me should be featured every week, an anti US gimmick would be perfect for him but WWE should learn from Mohammed Hassan before executing this gimmick.

    Heath Slater: I’l put my hands up I hated the guy but as soon as he opens his mouth he entertains me he’s good on the mic he just needs direction in the ring. He should be the second coming of Double J if done right.

    Alex Riley, Tyson Kidd, The Usos, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Trent Baretta:
    A-Ry should feature on one of the main shows, he shouldn’t me buried. The Usos deserve a Tag Title Run, Drew McIntyre WTF is he doing on the B & C shows he should feud with Cody or Santino for their respective titles, Tyson Kidd he’s a star in the making he just needs a more mainstream platform for his talents, Baretta & Gabriel these two guys like I keep on saying should be a tag team, The next Londrick.

    Release: Kaitlyn & Maxine. Come on these two have the dubious honour of being in the worst match ever that’s all I have to say on the matter.

    Honourable Mention’s: Johnny Curtis Derrick Bateman, Sakomoto?, Ezekiel Jackson & Mason Ryan Both Bateman & Curtis are boring even though I think Curtis has good mic skills I would release the pair of them. SakaMoto what I’ve seen in his short time if he stays all he is going to be is a glorified jobber so it’s best to get rid now. Mason Ryan With the right direction he could be useful but ATM he’s Release fodder and lastly Big Zeke he’ll always be a fringe superstar and I’d release him even though I wouldn’t feel good about it.

    Long I know but WWE needs a massive cull to keep things fresh and needs to utilise on Misused talent.

  • WhiteboyChris

    man this why i dont watch tna man

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I was hoping Cottonwood would be Khali’s replacement.

  • Alan Wake

    NO! Eli Cottonwood got released?! This release hits harder then Braden Walker. Now we will never see that mustache…

  • adam

    Richie is good and no one here was that big of a lose cottonwood sucked salazar was ok every match isaw of him in fcw he was alright but he kept lossing or jobbing out so must not of been that good. Jiro was alright he was the biggest lose.

  • Jimmie Johnson


  • scooter

    Richie a great worker. Bit of a charisma vacuum though needs to work on his promos.

  • pulgeezy

    Why does he suck? Maybe they still have them there because. They see something in him.

  • SYM

    Yet the WWE still has Richie Steamboat in development -_-