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On Monday’s RAW, when WWE was showing one of the Twitter on-screen graphics, the image got fuzzy and briefly showed a URL to a Youtube channel – “It Begins 2012.”

The URL revealed a cryptic video of a young student talking about something big occurring on Monday, January 2nd, 2012 – when RAW is live from Memphis, TN.

The boy who was narrating the video said:

“Come my people and shut thy doors about thee. For power should come to punish the weak for their inequity. For on the second day of 2012, a familiar force shall arrive to claim what it is his. And it will be the end of the world as you know it.”

The text “It Begins.” then appeared.

  • venom

    I missed this video.

  • Titan

    Batista!!!! To take back his botchmaster title

  • voice of reason

    taker, kane or jericho maybe goldberg but i just get a meh feeling about this.

  • d

    it’s not lesnar he’s under contract to the ufc and has a title fight vs junior dos santos dana white would never allow lesnar to risk getting injured

  • Bryan

    Coming back to get what is his.

    That should have ended it right there.

    On January 2, we are going to see the return of Tugboat.

  • Second City Saint

    taker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liam
  • The mark

    I wish people would stop saying Kane – the Raw promo was obvious, whereas this one is very cryptic. They’re obviously 2 different returns.

  • Prince

    Also, saw someone bring up that it could be Shane McMahon, because the little kid looks like him as a kid.

  • Prince

    I’ll throw out another speculation though. Brock Lesnar. People speculated that the video and words make it seem like they are preparing for a storm. Maybe an F-5? Just another possibility.

  • Prince

    Are you scared? He’s here! OOOOOOOOOOOOO…They call me cowboy, I’m the singer in black, so throw a finger in the air and let me see where you’re at, say hey hey!

  • Prince

    I bet it’s Taker coming back as American Badass. Last time that happened it involved little kids in promos as well.

  • WWE4Life

    I think its Taker the way the message just went blank like TV not working

  • Mordecai

    Well, when the twitter graphic was fuzzy, it looked very similar to how some of Undertaker’s videos had that grey fuzz and everything…

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @RUSTanator, While I admit that I could be wrong, It seems a little darker than Jericho’s style. I still have to go with Taker. If it was not for the strangeness of the video I would definetly say Jericho. I really think Kane will be back before the year is out and I just cannot see sting (no matter how bad i want him to) jumping ship.

  • PinkSinCara

    i’m surprised nobody has suggested Vince yet? “a familiar force shall arrive to claim what is his”

    I’m hoping its Taker though. It’s getting close to Wrestlemania and they specifically chose the word “force” for a reason

  • RUSTanator

    twitter gimmick screams undertaker??? nah

    twitter for jericho!!!!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    The mask gimmick is Kane, The twitter gimmick screams Undertaker.

  • Dave

    The Brooklyn Brawler is set to make his triumphant return.

  • simon07

    It seems to be a bit to ‘dark’ or ‘deep’ for Chris Jericho leading me to think Undertaker or Kane.

    I’m not sure about anyone else but their was also a promo in the UK during Raw last night that seemed to suggest Kane was returning but didn’t have a return date on it, Nor did it mention ‘It begins’ so they could be completely separate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH0mdKw4iFM There’s the link to the video if you didn’t see it.

  • ratedRallday

    It’s not sting he would rather be on tna with the washed up guys than go where people actually watch! I would love to see it but it’ll never happen. My guess is masked kane or y2j. I’m hoping for jericho!

  • Matt


  • tim

    @DAN I initially thought Shane as well

  • Broski

    @Adam OMG THAT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Broski

    its either TAKER OR JERICHO

  • CC

    @Kris, so is Sting and numerous other wrestlers.

  • Kris

    Its Shawn Micheals…evryone knows hes a born again christian, thus the cryptic bible references

  • TS93

    “claim what’s his”=take what’s mine
    Ortons legend killer gimmick! He won’t be a faggot anymore yay!
    ….I wish….just 1 time

  • CC

    Just in case anyone is interested, or can get some other clue from this, the quote is a variation of Isaiah 26:20

  • the_electrifying_one

    Immediate thought is OMFG!!! Takers return.

    Messing with the twitter graphic screams of Y2J.

    If we start seein little peices of code around the wwe website and on the likes of ign etc its deffo Y2J. they did the messin around twice before.

  • Symbiote

    Probably the return of The Undetaker.

  • really

    Todd Petingle is coming back to rid us of Micheal Cole

  • Evil Doink

    The message sounds a lot like Warrior, but I’m sure I’m wrong…

  • Buttercastle

    @Steve or it could be I get nibs……… perhaps the guy at the concession stand does a heel turn and squirts molten popcorn butter at fans?!?!?

  • BuckieKid

    its deffo kane and he will be back wearing his mask trust me

  • Adam

    2nd January 2012?
    2012 – Y (Year)
    2nd – 2
    January – J


  • Dan

    a child sat in a classroom, “claim whats his” a farmiliar force?
    could this be the return of Shane O Mac?

  • Steve

    “It begins” can be rearranged to make “I be Sting”. Ooooohhh.

  • ice cream bar SUPERstar

    it’s barry horowitz

  • Matt

    Gillberg returns!!!!! 😀

  • xXx

    either kane or taker.. what’s new?

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    ^^^^^^^ jaded are we???

  • CiB

    JERICHO- seriusly who else would announce their return by fucking with the twitter graphic? The “not wrestling with them again” comment was, in Jericho “working the internet” speak means “stay tuned for my iminent comeback”.

  • Whatever

    yeah, kane or the undertaker I guess…

  • wweisnotsosmart

    sting, tna, wwe, undertaker, kane, just some ideas of what it all relates to probably will never get any really clue until like maybe the week before. im not gonna be super hyped because wwe never does anything great nowadays

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