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WWE Releases Fifth Cryptic Video, Steve Austin Launches Website, Wade Barrett

— WWE’s fifth cryptic video suggesting a return on January 2, 2012 features a young girl pushing a boy’s notebook off his classroom desk. The girl then says, “I cannot help you anymore. Do you understand?” The video is located at .


— Steve Austin has launched his official website, It features news on his upcoming projects, videos, blogs and more.

— WWE will release the first Wade Barrett T-Shirt in the near future.


  • Ritchie M

    BTW!! tbh Skip sheffeild returned on the 3rd of December, Sheffield returned at a RAW house show as a heel. He then made another non-televised appearance on December 5th he competed in a 41-Man Battle Royal. also if he was to be the person behind the cryptic i will stop watching wwe forever!!

  • MrDr3w

    You guys aren’t thinking about it the right way. The reason for these videos is to get us to THINK. You think that just because the name “CHRIS” appears on the notebook that it’s Jericho? You think that just because a maple leaf shows up that it’s Jericho?

    Well, I hate to break it to you, but the name is crossed out on the notebook, and the maple leaf vanishes.

    IT’S NOT HIM!!!!!!!!

    WWE put out this video so that you marks won’t get upset when it turns out to be Ryback, like you did at the beginning of this year when the 2/21/11 vignettes ended up being for Undertaker. They want you to stop thinking it’s gonna be Jericho, because IT’S NO!!

  • smiffybluenose

    i think most likely taker

    steph is a good shout

    but shane is a exciting one, it makes some sense in relation to the vid aswell! perhaps the boy an girl are brother and sister?

    its a good promo as it has us talking. so its worked !

  • MWDynomite

    Come on guys it’s Mike Knox I’ve already said it.


    i found this on the net
    These videos are hyping a potential WM28 feud between CM Punk and Chris Jericho and here’s why: In the video the little boy is representing Jericho and the little girl is representing Punk. Keep this in mind throughout my explanation.
    Notice, how the little boy continues to write in his notebook and the little girl keeps trying to look at what he is writing. Once the boy goes into the corner (Jericho’s time off from WWE), The girl tries to do the work herself, but can’t come up with anything. Keep in mind that she looked at the boy’s notebook and this is implying that she has stolen the boy’s work, which represents Jericho going to come back and claim that Punk is a fraud and has stolen his ideas and gimmick and what not.
    Also the ball in the video represents Jericho “dropping the ball” by leaving and Punk “taking the ball and running with it”. The ball belonged to the boy and the girl took. At the end the girl is standing in the spotlight and the boy is in the dark with his head down indicating that we have forgotten about Jericho and that Punk is the new guy we all know and love. This will lead to WM match with Punk and Jericho. Look within the video not what the kid is saying…

  • Dr.Dre

    i do not know if anyone else notice but y2k is back on the raw opening….it is for y2k plain and simple!

  • No1Coleminer

    just seen this and saw composition above the assumed crossed out chris, obviously composition fits in with music. If this is jericho then idk what the point of doing it is, if its that obvious?! at the same time, i havent investigated each video for semiotics either, for fear that wwe will just turn this in to another waste or not utilised full potential, which is far worse than any wrestlers 5 moves of death

  • JWaller1

    Lol if you are all right, they made CM Punk a girl.. lol

  • Matt

    If you look at the notebook, it has “Chris” crossed out in the name area, so that’s the other clue. “Chris” as in “Y2J” Chris Jericho.

  • keylo

    so its seems reading the comments here unless you say its Chris Jericho you get a thumbs down, well if it is him I hope he has got in better shape this time.

  • Diz

    I’m hoping it’s Y2J….

  • AUSTIN316

    It is Jerchio see how theres a globe in the class room, the boy (Y2J) and the girl (CM PUNK) are fighting for the spot light in the best in the world

  • đšćžčš

    nathan jones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Dan

    shane o mac and steff?

  • statix901

    @ :19 of the video, there is a maple leaf. Jericho’s favorite sport is hockey. The Toronto Maple Leafs are his favorite team I believe. Also, the leaf is the only thing in color during the video. “I can not help you anymore,” has to be a play on the whole “Save_Us” thing from before.

  • adam

    @TG wow what you said actual makes sense and i just watched it again you must have really good eyes to see the leaf and chris name. I saw it after 4 times but the first time i didnt see anything like that. I am of the state that it is both jericho and steph and she will use chris to help her take back the company. The ryback thing i dont think it would be him because what would the girl have to do with it and it would be a GIGANTIC LET DOWN. not to say wwe hasnt done that before but i still think its the orginal prophet come back to us Y2Jericho

  • TG

    You really think WWE would actually put his name in the video just to say its not him.

  • MrDr3w

    Maybe this video is trying to tell us that it’s NOT Jericho, with the disappearing maple leaf and the crossed out “CHRIS” on the notebook, and the “Prophetless” title(since Jericho is the prophet of the WWE). I noticed something on the back of the notebook too, but I couldn’t quite make out what it was.

    When she said “I can’t help you anymore,” I think she was talking to the fans who are trying to figure this out, because time is running out before 1/2/12 and it should be revealed in the next video next week who these videos are for.

    I agree with Tina. I think the girl is definitely supposed to be Stephanie. Maybe the boy is supposed to be be HHH, and she can’t help him anymore, because she’ll be the new GM.

  • TG

    The girl in the promos is a representation of Chris Jericho on twitter. She hear all of whats going on just like Jericho but smiles and ignores most of it. The girl gets to the point where too much info is being revealed so she gets serious and frowns which is like Jericho saying he hasn’t even watched RAW so please stop asking now. Now everyone basically knows its Jericho but all aren’t convinced so to end it the girl stops the kid prophet from speaking any more. This is like Jericho just saying now nothing in the WWE interest him at the time for people to now believe the promos are not for him.

  • TG

    Hmm maybe I found this promo to be a bit more symbolic at the smaller details looking at it only have one line. I saw what looked like a maple leaf in the puddle by the swim which equals Canada. If you watch as the notebook is on the ground it had an “X” I zoom in and it look like I seen the word Chris.

  • jo

    under taker …..?

  • JIR

    @Tina: Steph return would be cool but dont see it happening yet
    My best guess
    Jericho is about a 20% chance
    Undertaker at about 70%
    Ryback the darkhorse 10%

  • Tina

    It could be Jericho but that would seem just over done given they did the whole cryptic thing with the break the code. I hope its not Skip because his old character was super boring, so would be a serious let down if it was. I keep thinking its Steph, and she becomes the GM and its a clash with HHH. That she can’t help him because now she’s running the show. I just get that feeling because the last couple have really been focusing on the little girl more than the little boy. Will be interesting to see if anything is revealed next week. I’ll be at Raw next week myself.

  • Second City Saint

    Taker and michelle mccool anyone they are married they can make a comeback togther ???

  • Flash Funk

    It’s Al Snow. He’s coming back to take what’s his… HEAD!

  • JIR

    It proclaims the triumphant return of Los Conquistadors

  • Statix901

    “I can’t help you anymore” could be a play on Jericho always wanting to save the WWE. Finally saying fuck it, I’m not bothering with you.

  • Phil Collins

    ^^^^I thought it was this week. I guess that leaves a little bit of hope that it’s not Skip. It would really be kind of a fail.

  • Gary

    Delirious in WWE! lol jk would be nice but probly skip

  • Prince

    Actually the revealing clue is supposed to be next week, not this week.

  • Stevie P

    Paul Roma is going to carry the WWE for the next 10 years and it all starts on 1/2/12.

  • Phil Collins

    Promo probably is for Skip Sheffield. I remember hearing how there would be some kind of revealing clue who this was for the Raw after TLC and Skip’s tweets probably was that clue.

  • KitKrock

    Kizarny vs Undertaker
    1 – 19

  • TS93

    help you=save us?
    Doubt it but i dnt see any other decent guesses

  • Starship Pain

    My God… He’s the savior, the prophet… KIZARNY IN BACK!!! FINALLY!!!

  • Bill

    Do you understand? Oh yeah. “I am the best in the world at what I do. DO YOU UNDERSTAND what I’m saying to you right now?”

  • Jon

    Just air right now.

  • Superman

    Break the code Y2J on January 2nd of the Year 2012 a prophet will return for the end of the world is near , as we now need a savior and the world will never be the same again … Break the walls down..

  • KGM Da Master

    Lame promo! WWE could do a shitload better or just actually let the person return with no promo. Thats too right by their standards though

  • Effmenow

    He has been sent through time, only to find the future is not the future his mother warned him about. In this future we cannot win this war. Be prepared. Be warned. Be saved.

    Ryback is near…