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WWE Releases A Developmental Diva?, ECW Legend Added To WWE Website, More

– The Divas roster page of WWE’s official NXT website,, no longer lists Raquel Diaz. Her page was deleted altogether, which could indicate that she has been released from her WWE developmental contract.

Diaz, whose real name is Shaul Marie Guerrero, is the daughter of Vickie Guerrero and the late Eddie Guerrero. She joined developmental in October 2010, and has appeared a wrestler, valet and ring announcer. In the spring, she debuted an “Ultra Diva” character whose mission was to “exfoliate ugliness.”

– The Sandman, who appeared on WWE’s version of ECW, is the latest addition to the company website’s Alumni section. WWE says of the hardcore wrestler, “The cane-swinging, beer-bashing brawler known as The Sandman was involved in some of the most brutal matches and rivalries in ECW history, and was the only competitor to hold the ECW Championship on five occasions.”

– is giving away ringside tickets to this Sunday’s Raw live event at Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas, as well as backstage passes for a pre-show meet and greet. Click here for more information.

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    listen you jerk my name is gorgerous girl i really dont give a rats ass about what a good job vickie guerrero is doing because she is not
    if she was doing a good job doing a good job as wwe manager she would have managed dolph ziggler and jack swagger at the time to tag team gold which she never did, and jack swagger left her , she cant even manage dolph ziggler, i dont give a shit about vickie guerrero and getting heat from her heal character, im sorry if may have not worked out for her daughter to be a wrestler, but then it did not work out for vickie guerrero to be a wwe manager or a general manager please do not judge me for my opinions i have a right to express them this simply means what i am saying is Vickie Guerrero and her daughter do not have what it takes to be in the wwe, due to lack of experience, which means they should try a different job they would have experience in after being in the wwe please dont judge me because no of you know me as I dont know any of you, regardless of that it is always good to treat people with respect as you would treated them with respect. i dont know vickie guerrero or her daughter as they are people who appear on a show for as long as they still do, they are not every day people i see on the street or in a book store so with that being said i dont know them and have no respect as i dont go out for god damn coffee with vickie guerrero and her daughter
    there are other wwe superstars to comment about there are other story lines there are other wwe superstars who can draw heat as well
    again please dont judge me or my comments

  • adam

    Hopefully she is braught up to the main roster not just relased all together because she seemed to have alot of talent in the ring and on the mic. I know some tna fans will blast me for this but she actually seemed more talented then chavo she could pull of the gory bomb a little better at least.

  • Lew

    yeah I was thinking she probably got sent to the man roster also

  • She could be promoted to the main roster.

  • marcum

    Vickie Gurrero is one of the best heels in wwe right now. she gets one of the best reactions at every show she’s at. Vickie shouldn’t get released, but Raquel was a great mike worker and she probably could have been great if she trained more. its sad to see her go.

  • xXx

    the fact that you’re saying that, gorgeous george, means that vickie is doing a good job in getting heat.

  • gorgeous girl

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  • gorgeous girl

    that does not suprise me at all no disrespect but Vickie Guerreros daughter does not have what it takes to be a wrestling star and diva now maybe wwe will take the hint and release Vickie Guerrero then that way vickie Guerrero can go back to being at home being a mom spend time with her daughters and it will do the wwe universe and the whole world a favor because we are all sick to death of Watching vickie Guerrero every week and wish she would just get released and fired from wwe so we never have to see her or hear her annoying voice ever again