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WWE Releases ECW Original, Piper Teases Return of Piper’s Pit

– WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who recently underwent neck surgery, tweeted on Thursday that his “Piper’s Pit” show is returning, in some capacity. He wrote:

“PIPER’S PIT IS COMING. No body right now hs the ball’s. gotta have the guts!!”


“WWE don’t have the guts to pit, CM Punk, or Drew Mac. Nash, HHH”

“They still don’t have anybody in WWE that could put me out in 5 minuets or less”

– WWE has released referee James Maritato (aka Little Guido/Nunzio). He is taking independent bookings (as a wrestler) through Bill Behrens, who can be reached at

  • FLOCKA!!!

    never trust anything u see on wiki lol

  • Joe2

    Oh yeah that’s right, got it mixed up with another match.

  • venom

    I never heard of Bret Hart wrestling for ECW.

  • shaneo


    Bret Hart didn’t wrestle Terry Funk at ECW’s first PPV. Terry Funk wrestled The Sandman and Stevie Richards then wrestled Raven for the title and won

  • D2K

    I’m calling it right now. CM Punk on Piper’s Pit. BOOK IT.

  • venom

    I forgot that there was actually talented guys that came from ECW. When I hear ECW, I think of washed up guys in TNA.

  • N

    @Sammo & Joe2

    Unless Y2J (or better the Lionheart) comes back, then yes, Rey is the only one who wrestles.

  • Sammo

    Ah yes, of course, I forgot about Jerry Lawler being in ECW for that feud. Good call.

    Austin and Malenko occured to me – but they’re not active roster members. Nor are the others you mention. (I know Nunzio wasn’t either, but active wrestlers was the question I was getting at)

  • Joe2


    I was curious if you were correct on that so I looked up the WWE personnel list on Wiki and this is what I came up with:

    Jerry Lawler did a cross promotion with ECW in a feud with Tommy Dreamer.
    Joey Mercury, who is now a trainer down in FCW, wrestled for ECW under the name Joey Matthews.
    Dean Malenko is a producer still for WWE.
    Stone Cold Steve Austin is signed under a Legends Deal & Tough Enough Coach
    Bret Hart is signed under a Legends Deal and wrestled Terry Funk at ECW’s first PPV.
    Joey Styles is the Director of Digital Media Content for WWE.

    So there are a few left, none who are really in the wrestling portion.

  • ironcross

    He should find a midget / dwarf Pro Wrestling Promotion

  • Sammo

    Is Rey Mysterio the last current roster member who ever wrestled for the original ECW?

  • Stick Stickly

    I was wondering if WWE ever put notice to existince or was everyone suppose to think he was some normal old referee

  • moi

    he was/is and he was good… too bad that once again he is gone….

  • Effmenow

    Nunzio was a referee?