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WWE Releases HHH Shirt, Rock Congratulates Cena, Action Figures

– released the following video revealing that Dean Ambrose will be the first member of The Shield to get an action figure and more news:

– WWE’s shop website has released the new Triple H “Tremble Before The Hammer” t-shirt that he wore on last night’s RAW:

HHH New Shirt

– WWE Champion The Rock congratulates John Cena on his big win over CM Punk last night via Twitter:

“Congrats John.. Its official: Wrestlemania 29 @WWE Heavyweight Champion The Rock vs @JohnCena Greatness vs Redemption #BringIt”

  • Matt Trovato

    I know, I was just trying to be silly.

  • No because it says WWE Heavyweight champion not World Heavyweight Champion. Up until the brand split it was called the WWE Heavyweight Title. Rock simply thought it was 2001 again LOL

  • Matt Trovato

    Wait so Rock says he’s Heavyweight Champion…. Possible spoilers?

    On the last Raw before Wrestlemania Dolph Ziggler challenges Rock to a MITB Contract vs WWE Championship match. Rock wins so he gets Dolph’s briefcase. At WM Rock cashes in after a grueling match between Del Rio and Swagger and becomes undisputed champ before his match with Cena. Cena wins so Rock can go do Hollywood things for a few months thus making Cena the new undisputed champ and pushing him to even greater heights than he already is. Cena stays champ until WM 30 where Rock returns and challenges him to a “One More Match” match in which they have a draw. After the match of the millennium, they decide to become the first undisputed champions tag team, with Rock holding the WWE and Cena holding the Heavyweight title. They now take over the tag division and win that title. Before long they have captured the IC and US titles. Rock and Cena become the two most powerful men the business has ever known. This continues for several years until Triple H and Steph’s two sons, that were kept a secret from the outside world so as to train them into super wrestlers, are old enough to challenge and defeat them, returning balance to the WWE.

    Did anyone else get that from reading his Tweet?