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WWE Releases Statement in Response to Paige’s Claims Regarding Suspension

The WWE has issued the following statement in response to Paige’s Twitter remarks towards her second suspension for violating the company’s Wellness Policy:

“Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.”

  • D2K

    I interpreted it as WWE covering their tracks. Paige may be engaged in self-destructive behavior, but WWE is hardly blameless in this and I seriously doubt WWE lawyers care about what keyboard warriors are talking about. If they are then Vince needs to hire new ones.

    I think that Paige is goign through a lot of pain from her injury. Whatever medical services WWE is providing apparently is not doing the trick for Paige which is why she seemingly is looking for medical remedies not covered in the WWE Wellness Policy. Hence why they made the statement…..

    In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.

    That’s pretty self-explanatory to me.

  • Khosrow

    Ok as an older guy with kids, let me fill you in on something. Del Rio is hardly corrupting her. Paige is merely acting her age which is 24. The more you try to tell her what to do and who she can and can’t go out with, the more she is going to do the opposite. She is young, in love and feels invincible. I can’t fault her for feeling and acting like that because that’s a part of growing up. I’ve been there, you’ll be there one day, basically everyone does the same thing. Her actions are her own at this point and all you can do is nod your head and be supportive of her, know that this too shall pass. She has hardly wrestled her last WWE match, I’d bet she has barely just begun.

  • MrDr3w

    I interpreted the WWE’s statement as being more for the so-called “fans” who are calling it a conspiracy against her and Del Rio; to shut them up.

  • Edward Blake

    I blame Del Rio for corrupting her.

  • JC Bolden

    Right I was like woooooow (Flavor Flav face) they actually went there.

  • JAckh45

    On the other side, I feel like you are giving WWE way to much credit. I’m not taking sides here, as I simply don’t care and feel like there is a ton more going on that we know… however, I feel like usually WWE simply don’t reply to this type of drama, for Paige to even say what she did, is very rare of a current employee of the company to say/suggest and not quickly delete in damage control let alone get WWE to actually have to make a statement over.
    Wouldn’t they simply approach her personally and talk to her about her negative tweets?
    Maybe she is being unreasonable and ignoring WWE for the time being?
    We just simply don’t know but either way, its not looking good for her career with WWE.

  • MrDr3w

    I honestly don’t understand how people are so quick to take Paige’s side on this. For one, she’s just a kid. She doesn’t really know better yet. Two, she’s been portrayed as this care-free wild child, who doesn’t take her job seriously, on TV. Thirdly, she’s obviously upset over the WWE’s reaction to her relationship with Del Rio. That being said, I don’t get how people find it so hard to believe that she’d blatantly act like an immature little kid with the situation she’s in right now.

    Also, do you not realize the amount of trouble they would get into if it was proven that they unrightfully suspended her, just because of a relationship she was in? They may win that lawsuit with their lawyers, but I doubt Vince would want that negative press. So personally, I don’t think the suits at WWE would be stupid enough to lie about something like that. Think about it.

  • D2K

    Wow. That damage-control came pretty quick.

  • oppa

    With WWE “allegedly” bankrolling one of their doctors suing CM Punk, they can’t afford to have Paige’s family saying these things about them. Nor can they threaten them. For the hardcore fans who won’t go anywhere, this statement is enough to prove that WWE is right and Paige is wrong. But the truth is somewhere in the middle. They’re going to have to release what she tested positive for and prove it was not in any of her prescriptions to be totally vindicated. They should have said nothing and should have granted her release when she asked for it.

  • Will Henderson

    translation, she’s on the Columbian Powder Sugar diet.