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WWE Releasing New Divas Segment, Sammartino Likely Not Working with WWE, More

– WWE will be returning to Portland, Oregon for a SmackDown live event on August 20th. Tickets go on-sale this coming Tuesday morning at 10am.

– Kelly Kelly and Sheamus will be appearing at The Steiner Sports Store in Garden City, New York on June 18th at 11am. Tickets are required for admission to the signing. Call 800-242-7139 for more information.

– As noted before, WWE recently asked fans about feedback on several potential DVD projects, including one on Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino has said in the past that he wouldn’t work with WWE on a DVD project because of their history and nobody expects Bruno to work with WWE on a potential DVD because there is too much bad blood between the two sides.

– WWE is planning to release a new regular Divas segment called Diva Couture. Below is a preview of the debut episode with Eve Torres:

  • CiB

    @ venom

    On that I agree with you. I understand why he doesn’t want to work with the WWE, but he’s getting on and if he wants his fans to get the ultimate Bruno Sammartino DVD collection that isn’t some sort of hatchet job (see Ultimate Warrior dvd) then he should bury the hatchet with the WWE, and preferably not in McMahons spine.

  • venom


    I think Bruno is an idiot for not letting WWE make a DVD about him. I think Brunno is letting his fans down by doing that. My favorite wrestler is Undertaker and I would be mad at him if turned down WWE’s idea to make a DVD about him.

  • CiB

    I care about Bruno Sammartino. Back when holding the heavyweight title meant something, he held what is now the WWE title on 2 occasions- first time for 7 years, second for 4 years. Sure, culturally, longer title reigns back then. But remember when we hit 2013, Bruno Sammartino will have held the title for only 20% of it’s life span- again, back when being champion meant something. That is something every wrestling fan should respect and care about.

  • venom

    Who cares about Bruno? He thinks he’s better than everybody else. These new young fans don’t care about him.

  • Stevie P

    Bruno is an idiot. End of story.

  • Why not give them better storylines and let them actually wrestle instead of this bullshit. Had a great opportunity to let Kharma show what a badass she could be last night but fucked it up by letting her sit in the middle of the ring and cry….REALLY!