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WWE Remembers Halloween Havoc – DDP Says It Should Be Brought Back has published an article looking back at Halloween Havoc, WCW’s annual October pay-per-view event.

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page remembers Halloween Havoc as one of WCW’s biggest events, second only to Starrcade.

“All the competitors knew the importance of Halloween Havoc, it was the WCW equivalent to SummerSlam,” he tells “We held the last five Havocs in Las Vegas and the fans were electric. There were celebrities visiting us backstage. It was the closest we got to the feeling of today’s SummerSlam without being at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.”

Page vividly recalls his Havoc confrontations with Eddie Guerrero in 1996, “Macho Man” Randy Savage in 1997 and Bill Goldberg in 1998. He feels his match with Goldberg was especially great.

“I challenge anyone to find a better match than me and Goldberg at Havoc ’98,” he says. “There are few matches that were as physical, exhausting and psychological as that one. I just remember us both hurting and visiting the chiropractor after that.”

Halloween Havoc is often brought up among fans as one of the top events of the 1990s. Page attributes the “high-octane” matches and fan interest as the major factors in making it WCW’s second biggest event of the year.

“It was a great show for everyone involved, fans and competitors alike,” Page feels. “I say WWE should bring it back!”

The full article can be accessed here.

  • whocares

    OK, D2K. While maybe not quite as spooky as Halloween Havoc, the Survivor Series was THE big PPV for the Fall season; Just as Halloween Havoc was for WCW. They both used similar imagery with Jack-o-lanterns and such. It’s just my opinion that they would be too similar.
    I also don’t like the idea of bringing back Starcade, War Games, Beach Blast, or any of the other WCW PPVs that already have a WWE version.

  • D2K

    @whocares. Huh? Since when was Survivor Series “spooky-themed?” Survivor Series originally was billed as the Thanksgiving tradition. The first five were held on Thanksgiving night, then the next for after than on Thanksgiving Eve. Halloween Havoc was always a Halloween-based PPV. The two PPVs are dissimilar.

    Are far as Halloween Havoc memories go, I choose to remember the 1989 Halloween Havoc with the ‘electrified’ Thunderdome Steel cage match between Sting and Ric Flair VS. Terry Funk and the Great Muta with Bruno Sammartino as the special referee. Classic match.

  • Bawb

    Also, it just goes to show we all still give a shit about WCW. So true.

  • Bawb

    Best thread in a long time. People are actually giving meaningful feedback. Nice read by all in the comment section!

  • CM Mark

    January: Royal Rumble (WWE)
    February: Armageddon (WWE)
    March: No Way Out (WWE)
    April: Wrestlemania (WWE)
    May: Extreme Rules (ECW)
    June: Great American Bash (WCW)
    July: Bash at the beach (WCW)
    August: Summerslam (WWE)
    September: Night of Champions (WWE)
    October: Halloween Havoc (WCW)
    November: Survivor Series (WWE)
    December: Starrcade (WCW)

  • whocares

    I liked Halloween Havoc as a concept too. But I think it would be too similar to the Survivor Series, which is already kind of Spooky themed. Just like Beach Blast was WCWs Summerslam.
    I like Eddies idea of having special themed Raws or Smackdowns. They already do special Halloween themed Raws. Why not just add the name? Could do the same thing for The Great American Bash.

  • The Irish Bulldog

    I guess people don’t remember Hogan and Warrior at Havoc….

  • D2K

    @ Venom: I prefer having MITB as a match regular at Wrestlemania. There was a noticeable void from Wrestlemania this by not having MITB. If they are gonna keep the MITB PPV, they at least need to bring back TLC for Wrestlemania.

  • venom


    Rock Bootm was a ppv they had in December 1998, but it would be pointless today.


    Great line up, but they should still keep MITB as a ppv.

    Halloween Havoc was always a good ppv. It was cool when they had the wrrestlers names on tombstones. Think of how cool it would be if Undertaker wrestled on Halloween Havoc.

  • nick

    @yo its me its me its ddp

    September – Ground Zero [they would never have a ppv called Ground Zero in the month of september]

    December – Rock Bottom: In your House [what????]

  • D2K

    @ Stevie P: Yeah, I loved War Games too. The double-ring cage was awesome! I thought that the 3-rings for World War 3 was kinda overdoing it though.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    January- Royal Rumble
    February- SuperBrawl
    March/April- WrestleMania
    April- Spring Stampede
    May- Extreme Rules (This is the only themed ppv I like currently)
    June- King of the Ring
    July- The Great American Bash
    August- SummerSlam
    September- War Games
    October- Halloween Havoc
    November- Survivor Series
    December- Starrcade

  • Logan

    I want World War 3 back. I remember watching it as a kid and seeing three wrestling rings at the same time was one of the coolest things to me.

  • yo its me its me its ddp

    January – Royal Rumble
    February – No Way Out
    March/(sometimes)April – Wrestlemania
    April – Backlash
    May – Over the edge
    June – King Of The Ring
    July – Vengeance: Night of Champions
    August – SummerFest
    September – Ground Zero
    October – Halloween Havoc
    November – Survivor Series
    December – Rock Bottom: In your House

  • Jeff

    Hogan vs Warrior, nuff said

  • Stevie P

    Looks pretty damn good D2K. I LOVED War Games. The concept was great and I think WWE should do it. Honestly, HIAC is crap now. Maybe one match a year or so would be ok but War Games was just awesome.

  • D2K

    If I had my way this is who the PPV schedule would shape up.

    January – Royal Rumble
    February – No Way Out
    March/(sometimes)April – Wrestlemania
    April – Backlash
    May – Slamboree
    June – King Of The Ring
    July – Great American Bash
    August – SummerSlam
    September – Fall Brawl (War Games)
    October – Halloween Havoc (Spin The Wheel – Make The Deal)
    November – Survivor Series
    December – Starrcade (Battle Bowl)

    The only problem I have is that Slamboree was the event in which WCW legends were showcased and inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame. However Wrestlemania weekend is usually when people are inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. I could either…

    A. Have WWE legends inducted at Wrestlemania and WCW legends inducted at Slamboree

    B. Move the WWE Hall Of Fame inductions to Slamboree and make the entire event dedicated to WWE, WCW, AWA, and ECW legends with inductions into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

    C. Scrap the hall of fame inductions and just have legends versus current superstars at Slamboree.

    Feel free to add some more options.

  • JIR

    I say MITB goes back to Wrestlemania, King of the Ring winner get a tittle shot at Summerslam, Halloween Havoc get the Hell in a Cell matches and Starcade and SNME become quarterly specials on NBC

  • Joe Thunder

    they should have always set the event in June and had the winner take their title shot at Summerslam(ie Owen Hart 1994 and Mabel 1995) Or you could have it in December instead of Armageddon and let the winner take their shot at the Royal Rumble, thus making the event that much more important.

  • Joe Thunder

    meaningful* they should have always set the event in June and had the winner take their title shot at Summerslam(ie Owen Hart 1994 and Mabel 1995) Or you could have it in December instead of Armageddon and let the winner take their shot at the Royal Rumble, thus making the event that much more important.

  • Joe Thunder

    King of the Ring was great. WWE just needed to make it more meaninful. I used to agree that MITB should stay on WM, but the popularity of that ppv and the hype that it gets as it’s own show, you just can’t get rid of it now. This past Money in the Bank was the second best pay per view of the year only to WM27.

  • BigSexyAmbeau

    would love to see the triple cage or the double ring(war games) there were some great war game matches

  • Sean Mooney

    I’d like to see War Games brought back. I’d like Halloween Havoc maybe as one time deal.


    I agree, getting rid of King of The Ring was awful. I don’t know if people remember, but there were talks of getting rid of Survivor Series earlier this year i believe.

  • Devil_Rising

    WWE needs to drop all these “specialized match theme” PPVs they’ve been doing the last couple years. Put MITB BACK to being only on WM.

    And sure, have some stuff like Halloween Havoc. It would be cooler.

    The biggest ball WWE ever dropped ppv wise though, besides the MITB thing, is EVER getting rid of King or the Ring as a PPV. That was one of my most anticipated events every year. Sure they “brought it back”, on SD one year, Raw another, whatever. But it doesn’t mean the same, because it isn’t on a PPV. And after the brand split, the last one WWE did, in 2002, was the PERFECT format for cross-brand interaction, because the tournament took place on both brands, and it basically came down to a Raw star vs. a Smackdown star in the Finals. That’s pretty cool, and how it should be.

    But nope. They got rid of it, after over a solid decade of building it up as meaning something in the business.

  • Stevie P

    World War 3 was a good concept but watching it on TV was a nightmare. Great American Bash, Halloween Havoc and Starrcade should be brought back IMO. They have enough lame PPV’s to dump anyways.

  • Joe Thunder

    The first of my three part column on Halloween Havoc will be posted on Monday! I think it’s great that WWE is looking back on this event!

  • blue4everd

    Dont Throw away Vengence!! lol maybe Hell In The Cell…but not VENGENCE!!!

  • joe

    id like to see world war 3 brought back, but dont know if they’d do it, cuz they already have the royal rumble

  • Automattic

    I say throw out Vengeance and HIAC and replace it with Halloween Havok. The theme fits for October, and we’d get a proper build up to a PPV.

  • Jimbo

    Halloween Havoc was always my favorite WCW PPV event.

  • Eddie

    WWE SHOULD bring back some of those WCW PPVs. They tried it with the Great American Bash. I just think Vince wants to erase any trace of WCW, but it’d be cool if they showcased these PPVs as Made for TV events, like special editions of Raw and Smackdown “Raw: Halloween Havok” “Smackdown: Starrcade” etc. They dont share the spotlight as monthly WWE PPVs but the tradition of these WCW events are kept alive.

  • Mike

    Halloween Havoc was awesome. I wish they would bring these old PPVs back instead of having stupid PPVs like Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber.