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WWE announced late Thursday that it was removing “dated and edgier” footage from its official website and media platforms, a day after co-founder Linda McMahon’s political opponent used clips in an attack ad.

“To better reflect our current family-friendly brand of entertainment, WWE is removing some dated and edgier footage from digital platforms,” said Brian Flinn, WWE’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, in a statement. “Some of this footage has been misused in political environments without any context or explanation as to when it was produced. This damages the corporate reputation of our company. WWE is well within its rights to protect its intellectual property for fair use.”

Flinn said the footage removal is not related to an ad released Wednesday by Rep. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat running for Senate against McMahon, which featured WWE footage while slamming her for allegedly off-shoring profits to avoid taxes and failing to provide health coverage for their performers. Rather, it is part of a re-branding effort.

While WWE held a PG-14 rating for much of the late 1990s and early 2000s when she was running the organization with her husband, Vince McMahon, its current content is rated PG or G.

More details on the story are available at Politico.com and CTMirror.org.

  • KingAblert

    Wrestling fans please vote against her.

  • peep this

    I ain’t too good with math….. 50 million round 1. Round 2 16 million = 66 million …..
    That’s 66 millions why Linda who killed westling should not be in politics. And if you really break it down the pg shit is more for her so she can have a better image. Fuck her a the white horse she thinks she’s on.

  • paul s

    She could just say its fucking entertainment she took a few stunners herself show that! Bitch is ruining everything.

  • adam

    @omar. It doesnt matter if she losses its the fact that she will keep running why all this stuff happens. Like others have said vince needs to sit her down and be like ok i get it your bored but your not going to win your wasting my money so just stop. You are also making the company that we make money off of look like shit because we can’t have an edge to us any more. This is just crazy how much she is fucking wwe over.

  • jimbo jones

    But ill bet they keep all of HHH’s stuff…except DX and the whole humping a “dead” woman thing!

  • Sex Bob-omb

    Linda McMahon is the John Cena of real life.

  • Ray

    Apparently they forgot that websites such as youtube exist. They’ll never get ‘rid’ of all that footage no matter how hard they try.

  • moo

    Fuck you Linda Mcmahon you dirty scumbag, yeh right erase what made you morons millions of dollaurs so you can loose millions of dollaurs with your retarded dillusional goal in politics, Fuck right off Linda.

  • chronoxiong

    They have erased the Rapid Wolverine from wrestling history and now they want to get rid of “edgier Attitude Era” content. This is bullshit. Linda, give up already. You’re not gonna win!!!!

  • sepulz

    Ok while I disliked the decision to delete all benoit footage I at least understand it. But this is bullshit

  • Jimbo

    Ok that’s it. This thing has gone too far.

  • d

    oh please if someone can dig up dirt that president bush smoked pot 30 years before he was elected president removing videos from your website isn’t going to accomplish anything. Politicians spend more time digging up dirt on their opponents then trying to better society

  • DiamondSkye

    Linda McMahon’s political career is not going to go anywhere. Ever.

  • SYM

    I honestly cannot take WWE serious anymore. They put Comedy Reliefs in Major positions, they treat the fans like idiots, and Now some More memorable history is erased. Yes this is WWE at its best -_-

  • Fred

    God damn it, Linda.

  • fngufrgufr

    linda mcmahon, i mean this in the nicest possible way…please fuck off.

  • Prince

    Or he could just tell her to stop it with the fucking politics, because it’s what’s best for his company.

  • http://www.wwe.com Shauny

    Vince divorce Linda

    She is killing wwe Wrestling as we know well knew it is officially dead!

  • BS

    So sick and tired of this crap. Smart to focus your video game on the Attitude Era huh……Stop being ashamed of your past…those were the Golden years you dumb fucks

  • byron

    wow is i can say! I really hope she loses big time! Hey maybe tna can switch to monday and friday nights so that they can take shots at the wwe!!!!

  • Bill

    Well, considering that their upcoming game is about the Attitude Era, I supposed they should cancel that too. Hey, Undertaker was from the Attitude Era, too. Let’s fire him! Oh, & that wrestling, that’s too dangerous. Let’s just censor everything but Sheamus & John Cena.

  • Omar

    Oh Lord!! Linda…lose already!

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