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WWE To Renew SmackDown Star’s Push?, Evan Bourne Missed In WWE, The Rock

— Bryan Alvarez reports that as of a few days ago, WWE officials were considering renewing Ezekiel Jackson’s push. The Guyanese grappler, however, was a non-factor in tonight’s 30-Royal Rumble Match.

— Sources within WWE say that Evan Bourne, who is currently serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program, is missed in the locker room and in the ring. Many people within the company hope he is able to bounce back from his recent troubles and achieve success again.

— The Rock thanked WWE for their montage tonight at the Royal Rumble.

He tweeted, “WWE Universe @WWE Rock montage I just saw was powerful. I couldn’t be the man I am today w/ out you – my fans. #THANKYOU.”

source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter

  • Tyler(:

    Insert stupid roleplaying shit on a website.

  • Titan

    Insert karma smile


    I dug the hype videos

  • Phill

    Hogan and Flair matches that go on at this present time don’t count to an old school fan. Flair’s final match in my mind was at Wrestlemania 24.

    *Insert Khali smile*

  • No1coleminer

    well i seem to be of dying generation which contains vital common sense. i have not seen hogan or flair wrestle in years, only old matches where both were relevant, so i choose to ignore theyr new matches so i can avoid wasting time ‘hating’ as if i do not like something i choose to simply not watch or skip, not sit through shit i dont like just to bitch and moan 🙂

    anyways id like to think your post followed my intended theme, of which i wrote mine in, as it is not a simple read then reply, but simply taking what i have said in context, seeing the structure of words used and well yea, seeing what i am really saying

    *Jericho smile*


    But if the Rock was to be in the ring every Monday night You would then hate on him like Hogan and Flair?

    *insert Austin smile*

  • No1coleminer

    omg omg omg rocky mentioned us??!! omg 😀 thanks for taking time out of your oh so busy schedule to mention us, the ones who established you 🙂 means a lot. i personally can not wait, like the millions, to pander to your every statement and schtick when i finally get to see you, thank you for proving youll never leave compared to the 6 previous years, this past year has been awesome seeing you on raw loads and the many via satellites you have done

    *insert Jericho smile*

  • little jimmy

    i would like to see what they would do with big zeek. might work might not