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WWE Reportedly Bringing Back WCW Pay-Per-View, Does Vince See TNA as Competition?, More

– If you’re wondering about all the recent incidents where it appears TNA will do something on their TV program and then WWE will immediately turn around and do the same thing on their program the next week, it’s not a coincidence. As much as Vince McMahon claims he doesn’t think anything about TNA and doesn’t consider them competition, that’s not the case at all, and creative on both sides watch the other side’s programming.

– With the 2014 WWE pay-per-view dates recently being released, it appears WWE will be dropping either Battleground or Hell In a Cell in 2014. They will run 13 pay-per-views however they are going to add a second pay-per-view to June, bringing back The Bash at The Beach. There is also talk that next year’s October pay-per-view may feature a War Games match, something fans have been wanting for a long time. The only potential hang-up is that Survivor Series usually features four-on-four matches and it would be odd to do a four-on-four in October and in November.


  • Dave

    and Laycool was rip off of the beautiful people. Companies have been doing this for years. The NWO was ripped of japan company.

  • rabid

    Now that I think abt it adding some kendo sticks and stuff to the double ring and cage would be a pretty good addition to extreme rules .. rename that ppv wargames so u could still have the same matches but that as the focal point ie the cell or the chamber

  • rabid

    Beautiful ppl laycool right off the top of my head honestly at this point everyone copies everyone so what’s it matter anymore how abt we as fan just enjoy the fact that we can just sit back and watch multiple products no one will ever be perfect bc it doesnt exist

  • rabid

    Technically it was different he went up the ramp and drove away in a car . He didn party in chitown and put the title in the

  • 1. Please learn to type coherent sentences. 2. WWE fanboy much?

  • Rosso

    Lose viewers.

  • Scooter

    Honestly, everything is a rehash at this stage but TNA should be putting their spin on the walk out storyline instead of making it EXACTLY the same.

  • Ray Myer

    Everything TNA does and will ever do is a ripoff or related to something the WWE has already done. Fact. TNA needs to die with dignity instead of clinging to life like the sad child it appears to be.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Vince don’t give a dam about TNA don’t care if it is around don’t care if it dies. TNA doing pretty good enough job of kiiling itself. The only time Vince went to smell war against TNA was when Hulk Hogan and his stupid idea moving TNA to Monday night on WWE hottest night of the year. While TNA move to Monday night Vince that first night brought Bret Hart back to the WWE. TNA got beating so bad it never recover from it. Now nobody cares about TNA

  • Edward Brown

    Gail kim and Lei’D Tapa are pretty much a copy of Aj lee and Tamina.

  • Man

    I hope they drop the Hell in A Cell PPV. The Hell in A Cell match has become a joke in the PG era. The only Hell in A Cell mathes in the PG era that I found good were Undertaker vs Edge from Summerslam 2008, John Cena Vs CM Punk from Hell in A Cell 2011 and Undertaker vs Triple H from Wrestlemania 28.However, the Cell didn’t really come to play in the Wrestlemania 28 match.

  • Tombstone101

    What have TNA done that WWE does a week later?
    Or am I watching 2 different shows?