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WWE Reportedly Confident That TNA Star Sting Will Be Joining Their Roster Soon

– As seen on last night’s RAW, WWE included current TNA star Sting in their video packages looking back at former World Heavyweight Champions. reports that Sting was included in those video packages for a reason.

Word is that Sting is once again interested in joining WWE. While he hasn’t opened direct negotiations with the company, he has sent feelers to WWE about joining them. There is said to be a lot of confidence on WWE’s side that Sting will be on their roster eventually.

  • The Killswitch

    That’s a completely different subject than the one at hand.

  • Nehemiah Collier

    we already know who it is it’s rvd he’s coming back at money in the bank

  • God of Entertainment

    Sting said in his latest interview that his legs are shot. There would be no advantage bringing him back. U are better off signing Vader for a comeback lol jk I know Sting has loyal fans. I’m saying though for the wrestler he was,it would be a shame for him to embarrass himself. Undertaker still has gas in the tank. Sting is running on empty, I’d rather see Jeff Hardy come steal MITB from CM Punk and RVD! NOW THAT’S WHAT U WOULD CALL BOOSTING RATINGS!

  • david

    I agree with you but in vince’s eye’s it will make money and sting will get a huge final payday

  • That’s nice. But he shouldn’t joined back when both of them were still closer to their primes, years ago. Would’ve made it much better and much more meaningful.

  • Jeff N

    OH YEAH! thats gunna get the ratings up lol

  • d_pooch

    Yup, sounds good in theory but this “article” is really random.

  • Sean Kaboni

    If he does join WWE, I think it, like many other things for the better, will be due to HHH.

  • why me

    he will prob do what rvd is doing and what taz is looking at doing come back for abit then retire ohhh yay

  • Andrew

    “He’s got PLENTY left in’da tank!”

  • CC

    now that WWE have shown that they are willing to give in on part time contracts, like RVD now has, Sting has a lot more chance of getting the deal he wants, which is why there has always been a stumbling block.

  • God of Entertainment

    To lose to the Undertaker? I dont think so as much as I want Sting there, I’m gonna be real. He’s going to retire after TNA. No WWE for Sting, nice hype up tho

  • david

    Not having much left in the tank might be the reason he goes to wwe have the last run of his carear in wwe!

  • david

    If its true finally they can book taker vs sting before the two of them get to old to put on a great match!

  • d_pooch

    Sorry, I don’t buy it for a second. We’ve been hearing this for years, and Sting himself recently said that he doesn’t have much left in the tank.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Yeah I been seeing this for almost 20 years or more. Will not believe it until I see it. The only reason it might happen is because of HHH. Why I say this did you every expect to see Brock Lasner or RVD in the WWE ring again I didn’t. HHH is doing or saying something to get these guys back to the WWE who to say he can’t do it with Sting. But like I said wont believe it until I see it.