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Backstage Talk on Sting’s WWE Debut, WWE Reportedly Considering a Network Price Increase

– When the WWE Network subscriber numbers came out on Monday, there were people within WWE who were surprised and took it as not a good sign. Many in the company were expecting over 1 million subscribers. Apparently there’s talk that we may see a price jump to $11.99 or $12.99 per month next year.

– There’s now a feeling within WWE that Sting won’t be on WWE TV for a long time.


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    You what funny is if Sting show up on Raw you have the same people that are crying him showing up how he is raining in on Bryan first day as WWE/World champion. Look I just go by what is going on the show. I don’t really care what the internet reporting has to say about what wrestler is coming to the WWE. Because that is how WWE has been running for over 50 years or more they just keep you guesting. I am ok with WWE holding off on bring Sting in because when it happen it going to be a amazing moment. But I think the way Raw ended was a sweet ending. Sting is in the WWE and no don’t think we are going to see Undertaker vs Sting. I just think Wrestlmania was Undertaker last match. It really nobody felt either Sting was not ready to come to the WWE and like I said once already I believe it was Taker that wanted it to be Lasner to end the streak. To me WWE don’t deal with the cry baby of pro wrestling fans. They only worry about there own fans. That why they will be in business for a long time. Smart move if you ask me.

  • d_pooch

    I was expecting Sting on RAW. Instead, we get RVD again….

  • Truth B Told

    There’s now a feeling within WWE that Sting will be on WWE TV next week. Because, you know, I just said so. Like that. But seriously, what kind of journalism or news reporting is this? No sources or factual reasoning, just a lame one-liner and that’s it?

  • john

    don’t really understand why anyone would even pay for the network…it is not hard to find the same exact stuff they play online!

  • D2K

    Why is it that when things don’t happen the way that THEY want them to that means it isn’t going to happen? Sting himself has already pretty much confirmed that he will appear at the very least at Wrestlemania 31. If he doesn’t show up until then it sucks but you people will live, okay?

    Yeah WWE blew the chance for Sting/Taker, but Sting has to wear that as well for waiting so long also. WWE is looking to add a lot more WCW related content to the programing because of the WWE Network and having Sting as the WCW ambassador would be a good move to keep him innovated without him having to be in the ring. Triple H is already lobbying to get the War Games PPV back installed and with the events of last night’s RAW whom knows. It might happen.

    Also, a brilliant way to bring Sting in is to use him like WCW did all throughout 1997. Having shots of Sting in the crowd, rafters (no descending from them of course) and other things to terrorized the Authority all year long leading into possible a Sting/HHH match at next year’s Wrestlemania.

  • Shawn Bronald

    He’s already signed, he just hasn’t appeared on camera yet (and at this point, may never).

  • Shawn OB

    Do you hate money or are you being sarcastic? Hard to tell.

  • ddfindl

    Right around the road to Wrestlemania 2015 we’ll start seeing this crap pick up again, and he still won’t debut -__-

  • Hasan

    That’s good. $9.99 was way too damn low!