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WWE Reportedly Changes Creative Plans, Cena’s Drawing Power, Hardy

– Super Luchas started the Jeff Hardy-WWE story today because it’s Innocents’ Day in Latin America, which is like April’s Fools Day here in the United States.

– Details are still sketchy but WWE has reportedly changed creative plans this week for several top stars including Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, R-Truth and WWE Champion CM Punk.

– John Cena was moved to both the 10pm and the 11pm timeslots on this week’s RAW from CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago because Punk’s TV ratings patterns haven’t been good. While many feel that Cena’s feud with Kane is going to lead to a Cena heel turn, it seems highly unlikely that officials will turn a guaranteed ratings draw like Cena.


  • KGM Da Master

    Last comment by Chris is correct but too modest. I will get downright evil with it. Wrestling fans are slow, WWE has been trending twitter and rumors fot over months now. Only one REAL surprise has come from it, the shocking return of Kane doing a gimmick FANS asked for, this is where we disagree Chris. WWE listens to their fans too much, they arent playing supply and demand anymore. They are playing catch up because of Linda McMahon. I dont mind it though because Wrestling lost its art form. Without the charades and tv 14 rating, the WWE is focusing on making talent better, bravo. WWEs new direction is CM Punk, a heel turn is necessary though. Cena can not be World Champ come Wrestlemania. If he is champion, this Wredtlemania will be worse than last year. Think about it, Undertaker hurt and may not make it, Ortins hurt and wont be back for a long while,

  • Chris

    Who really cares? This is a bullshit report with speculation and not even good speculation. I really cba babbling on but if WWE don’t put trust in people soon instead of Boreton and Cena then the company will go down.

  • Bill

    Who cares about creative change? As long as Y2J returns, I’m fine with that!

  • CM Mark

    If Punk drops to Ziggles WE RIOT!!!

  • Devil_Rising

    *gasp* WWE change creative plans? NOOOOO!!!!! Say it ain’t so.

  • Justin Sane

    Cena as a heel… I don’t buy it… I don’t think the kids will buy it… Cena as a heel is a money loss. However if he does turn heel a face turn would be a huge up in merchandise..

  • No1Coleminer

    LOL @ts93 saying cole is shit heel and even puttin his name with the bellas and mendes says everything you do not know about wwe.

    fickle and hypocritical also, you would purchase a cena shirt because he turned heel?? well what if he was a bad heel? if hating him is now expected wouldnt that be too ‘ok’ too ‘expected’ idk who the fuck people think cena would feud with as a heel

  • TS93

    If cena turned heel id but a heel version of his shirt. Except for the broski shirt i have i buy mostly heel stuff. Sad 2day the heels dominate. Don’t get me wrong there are good faces, but a helluva lot more heels.
    Good faces: Punk, Ryder, Bryan, Air Boom (prior to the suspension when they were relevant), Booker T, Orton (when he isnt doing the same fucking DDT over n over), Teddy Long
    Good heels: Kane, barrett, ziggler, del rio, miz, rhodes, laurinaitis, hunico

    Shit faces: CENA, mason ryan, kelly kelly
    Shit heels: Cole, bellas, rosa mendes

  • Stevie P

    Rise Darth Cena…

  • Basketball with a grudge

    While I’d love to see a Cena heel turn, what sort of character would he portray? To me, the rapper gimmick he had wouldn’t really fit given Kane’s recent intervention. How about playing off his strength and “Super Cena” side as a crazed psycho brutally beating everyone in his way? Have him “embrace the hate” and use it to carve a path through WWE without looking like the goofy cartoon hero he is now, what do you guys think?

  • Stevie P

    Did they NOT see what Hogan’s heel turn did for WCW?!??! It damn near killed WWE!

  • AUSTIN316

    just becasue he turns heel doesnt mean his stuff wont sell, hear all thos kids cheering lets go cena, and those 18 + fans cheering cena sucks, that could switch and who has more money the kids or the people with the jobs

  • Kamala’s Foot

    Why would Jericho return and win the rumble already. I just don’t see that happening.

  • yelissa

    if punk supposedly does not give ratings less Ziggler

  • CM Mark

    F*ck the ratings.

  • 1919dpg

    sadly cena should have turned heel 5 YEARS AGO!

  • Jimbo

    The only way a Cena heel turn would work now is if it coincided with match against The Rock. Huge heat going in, huge heat going out after he wins. But then where to go after that? He would have to dominate, and we’ve already seen him do that as a face.

  • No1Coleminer

    if nobody likes wwe, complains, bitches, whines like little spoilt jimmies alllllllll thheeee dammnnnn timmmmeee stop fucking watching it!!! or record it and skip the boring bits. vince wont miss ur viewer ship if you stop and wont make a difference if its recording.

    i wish every cena hater works there ass off just to be shit on!! except most of the haters will be doing dead end 9-5s whilst cena will never work proper if he retired tomorrow

  • Matthew

    Here’s what I think happens:
    1) Ziggler wins the WWE Championship next Monday via
    interference from a returning Chris Jericho
    2) Ziggler loses the Championship to CM Punk at the Royal Rumble in a fatal four-way match (Dolph Ziggler vs CM Punk vs Miz vs R-Truth)
    3) Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble to face CM Punk for the title at WM 28.
    4) CM Punk defends the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber in the 6 man Elimination Chamber Match, (CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler vs Miz vs R-Truth vs TBD vs TBD) and retains.
    5) CM Punk defends his WWE Championship at WM 28 against Chris Jericho.

  • luckysalt

    I think Dolph is defo winning the title next week or sometime soon. He’s ready.

    Vickie needs to expand her stable around him though, she needs a heel tag team.

  • Automattic

    I’m glad they are at least considering Ziggler as a “top star.” He does a lot of great work, he could really break out in 2012.

    As much as I’d love to see a John Cena heel turn, I can understand why they haven’t done it yet. Bottom line, Cena draws ratings and makes the company a lot of money. You don’t just go up to a business and say “take the most successful aspect of your company, which isn’t truly broken…and completely change it.” It would be nice if they could emulate Hogan’s nWo heel turn…and from reading the comments on this site, people would seem to like that. And please WWE, leave him out of the title picture for a bit. Cena has a high enough reputation that he instantly gives credibility to any feud he’s in, and that could be golden for elevating some talents.

  • Second City Saint

    Bring back the rapping cena WWE WE NEED THAT ONE

  • hbk fan

    i hope dolph wins the belt loses it at the rumble back to punk then punk vs dolph at wrestlemania

  • Kamala’s Foot

    For some reason, I can see Ziggler winning the WWE title next week.

  • Adam

    Cena heel turn is what John needs and lead some new good feuds. WWE officials if there worried about ratings put on better tv matchs and dont let guys who cant wrestle such as mason ryan, otunga, khali and then underuse talents like dibiase, riley, drew mc etc. Improve promos, dont script stupid pointless promos like Booker, Cole and JR one from couple weeks that would lose you half your viewers before your first match.

  • Emerson

    It might bring in ratings, but the amount of money from merchanidse he brings in would fall off and I’m pretty sure his merchandise sales are a bit more important than a slight bump in the ratings. if cena’s going to turn heel its going to be by the fans not the company.

  • luckysalt

    Are they stupid? A cena heel turn would bring in HUGE ratings