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WWE Reportedly Forces El Generico Fan to Change Seats at RAW

– At Monday’s RAW from Greenville, South Carolina, a fan reportedly held up a “RAW Is Generico” sign and was moved by security, taken from his paid seat to the opposite side of the arena and a seat filler took his seat at ringside. The fan asked security why he was being moved and was told the people running the show didn’t want him sitting there because of his sign.

The fan reportedly asked if they could just take the sign and let him sit at ringside but was told by a security guard that he was about to be kicked out because the people running the show, presumably WWE officials, didn’t want him there. Another guard told the fan that wasn’t correct, they just didn’t want him in front of the camera. Apparently another man who was sitting with the fan also had his seats changed after he was seen holding up a sign related to Ring of Honor.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    What ever happened to Freedom of Speech? WWE is not immune to the Constitution!

  • Justin Kent

    Posting coments here won’t solve anything with WWE trying to erase any knowledge of great wrestlers and they only want you to see their watered down porn star name gimmick,
    This is more to do with just this sign. As fans who pay good money to watch their product should get better respect. If you want to be heard make signs that say “RAW Is GENERICO” or “WWE DOESN’T CARE IF THE DELIVER THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY” Also fans cna start chants. Say we want Genrico. Start chants saying you are tired of watered down crap. Look at Donald Trump those fans have every right and I’m happy that they booed him, WWE has some nerve to get angry at the fans. They should have some common sense that it is a dumb move to induct a douche bag like Donald Trump in a wrestling Hall Of Fame. If you want to be heard when ever you go to a show start chants, create signs that less your voice be heard and show WWE that you won’t be played with or fooled into buying their crap

  • Justin Kent

    and start El Generico chants too

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Seriously?WWE are telling the fans what to do now?? what a bunch of dicks

  • meow


  • D2K


  • D2K

    Be A Star. Don’t bully the fans.

    # epic hypocrisy.

  • Johhny

    lol,i think night of champions will be in my area this year i may just make me a sign like that

  • Johhny

    speech was never free

  • Johhny

    Fans pay top dollar for ringside seats…To be told that you are going to be moved because of a poster is wrong on many levels,This has lawsuit written all over it

  • That is absolute bullshit, stealing an EXPENSIVE ringside seat from a paying fan. WWE deserves to go under, and that’s a fact.

  • Justin Kent

    Or all the fans can bring signs that say we Want El Generico not Sammy Sane! Thats his new name right? Well what ever it is the name is dumb

  • Justin Kent

    Instead if you want to get back at WWE for any who goes to live taping of Raw faceing the camera side should all bring Raw is Genrico signs. Will they make everyone change their seats to the other side

  • This is why I don’t watch wwe anymore, because of garbage like this. So much for freedom of speech. Not like it was vulgar or anything.

  • Ray Tran

    That’s complete BS! I would of caused a scene

  • M

    That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    WWE is at an all time low. No way any wrestling fan should support this behavior

  • OpFor

    Again WWE Gestapo methods with fans with unwanted signs, He was El Generico and will stays so whatever they name him