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WWE Reportedly Pushing Talents To Be More Aggressive In Matches, Increase In Injuries

– There’s a feeling among at least one top star in WWE that the increase in eye poke injuries is because WWE has been pushing talents to be more aggressive in the ring.

This has led to people rushing their work, which leads to sloppiness in the ring and more eye pokes, potato shots, black eyes, concussions and things like separated shoulders.

Talents are also working with the idea of barely missing on strikes. The idea is to throw strikes really hard and fast but just miss, which has led to an increase in injures.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CC

    but at the same time the fans will piss and moan that WWE has stopped high risk moves because of the danger and risk involved, and complain that unprotected head shots and blading is banned, then complain that they are putting wrestlers at risk due to punches and eye pokes.

  • Will Henderson

    the talent are taken advantage of the being aggressive and going way to far and hurting talent. there’s the difference in being aggressive and being unsafe and some talent went overboard.

    it’s just like NASCAR’s “Have at it boys” concept to handle each other when they get aggressive when racing too hard, and boom, you get a couple of drivers wrecking each other in a very aggressive manner with the intent to intentionally wreck someone out and it usually leads to a brawl. and the two best example of “Have at it boys” in NASCAR are the Ty Dillion/Kevin Harvick wreck at a NASCAR Camping World Trucks series race at Martinsville late last year where Harvick’s truck and Dillion’s truck wrecked and one of the team’s pit crew members threw a sledgehammer at one of the trucks involved. the other example is the late 2012 Sprint Cup Series race at Phoniex where Jeff Gordon, who had been wrecked in the past by Clint Bowyer decided to intentionally wreck out Bowyer’s car and it ended the race day for both drives as the cars were badly wreck and the wreck also involved Joey Logano who got caught up in the wreck as collateral damage. the race was red flagged as it happened in the final 15 laps, Gordon’s car made it to the hauler area to put the destroyed car into the hauler only to be confronted and attacked by Clint Bowyer’s pit crew, and as that wasn’t enough, Bowyer ran like hell to go confront Gordon after parking his wrecked car in the pit lane. only to have NASCAR Cup Series officials stopping him from getting Gordon. both wrecks proved that “Boys have at it” can go too far

    back to my point, this is WWE’s version of Boys have at it, but it will end badly as someone will get pissed off and will lead to a legit fight ether in the ring or in the backstage area or worse, someone will get hurt to the point of being out a year or retirement.