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WWE Reportedly Releases Developmental Diva, Raw Taking Place In North Carolina

– As reported Thursday, the Divas roster page of WWE’s official NXT website,, no longer lists Raquel Diaz, with her page deleted altogether. According to, she asked to be released from her developmental contract with WWE, which was granted.

Diaz, whose real name is Shaul Marie Guerrero, is the daughter of Vickie Guerrero and the late Eddie Guerrero. She joined developmental in October 2010, and has appeared a wrestler, valet and ring announcer. Her verbal ability was considered excellent, although her ring work was not nearly as advanced.

– WWE will hold a Raw event on Monday, December 3, 2012 in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Greensboro Coliseum. Tickets go on sale Saturday, October 20, 2012 via Ticketmaster.

– WWE will hold a Raw live event on Friday, November 30, 2012 in Asheville, North Carolina at US Cellular Center.

– Former WWE Superstar Rhino is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on

  • me

    anyone who calls themselves something like “babe” or “gorgeous girl” is always either a guy irl or an ugly chick desperate to sound attractive. grow up, and fuck off.

  • gorgeous girl

    every body calm down i saw what you all wrote everyone calm down
    will comment about other things

  • Judge

    Stop replying to gorgeous girl. It’s some guy that goes around trolling on every Vickie thread. I’m thouroughly convinced that it is a troll as noone would possibly go out of their way on every article to bitch about vickie and call her fat lol.

  • Pat

    yikes someone sounds VERY bitter, you do not know her personally, you do not know what goes on behind the curtain, have you spoken personally to the wwe superstars and found out they can not stand her? please tell us how you claim to know so much about her and her life, and what goes on at home? im not taking away from what you do in your life and work, but please don’t presume to know everything that goes on in the life of wwe, and going on saying how she’s overweight and fat and all this and that, as i have seen in your previous postings, is just seriously LAME, honestly, are you in grade school? and im sorry, for a guy who happens to like big girls, vicky is NOT overweight anymore

  • xXx

    how would you know she’s under-appreciated? why does she have a job in the first place idiot? vince gave her a job after eddie passed because she NEEDS to provide for her daughters. how do you know she’s under appreciated? are you always backstage licking mark henry’s scrotum or something? she generates the most heat as a heel manager besides heyman dumbass, something that most heel performers want. why do you think she’s paired with ziggler? you’re proving to be nothing but meat with eyes

  • gorgeous girl

    i just meant if wwe releases vickie guerrero she can go back to being at home and spending more time wtih her daughters after all when people work for the wwe they are on the road the entire year away from their familys at least vickie guerrero can spend more time with her family and shes under appreciated because no body likes her in the wwe the superstars or the fans or wants to like her so if vickie chooses to stay in the wwe she will always be under appreciated because no one likes her the wwe superstars or the fans, what job she just stands at ring side doing nothing i been working for most of my entire life working hard making a real living paying my bills knowing what a hards day work is vickie has never had a hard days work in her life doing a real job and really working hard to make a living not standing at ringside doing nothing dressing like cheap trash over weight as she is so dont tell me she is doing her job all she does is stand doing nothing, im im sorry and i dont mean to be harsh but that is how it seems and it is how i feel vickie has been in wwe since 2005 to present time 2012 she is done there is nothing left for her to do in wwe the story lines are all done that is what i meant be it is time for wwe to release vickie guerero seven years is long enough i think she needs to move on from wwe and focus on being a better mom and being home more with her daughters and her family and to get a real job and to actually work for a living and give working people all over the world who really work for a living and work hard a good name something to think about misfit del rio have a good evening and goodnight

  • misfit del rio

    @ gorgeous girl… explain how releasing. Vickie is a favor? She gets heat like no one else in the company aside from paul and punk. She’s does her job and gets people over, if anything she’s under appreciated.

  • gorgeous girl

    now release Vickie Guerrero next and wwe will be doing the wwe universe a favor