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WWE Reportedly Releases Five Wrestlers

WWE released Michael Tarver, Jacob Novak, Buck Dixon, Buddy Stetcher and Ethan Levin over the weekend, reports

Tarver was on the inaugural season of NXT not to mention an original member of The Nexus. After being dropped from the group in October, he was brought back for several television appearances that saw him standing in the background. He never returned to WWE in-ring action.

Jacob Novak participated in the current season of NXT, but was eliminated first for the second consecutive season.

Dixon, Stetcher and Levin were seldom featured developmental wrestlers.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Venom How can you say Rikishi’s sons, who come from a long line of Samoan wrestlers and actually have lots of training and experience, which most of the Nexus guys didn’t, are worse than most of the tools on NXT? Please.

  • erik

    I want to see abyss and kane team up in wwe.

  • venom

    I think the Original Nexus guys that haven’t been on tv are better than the Usos. They should at least have Tarver, and Young come back and try to figure out what to do with them. I heard Skip is suppose to get a huge push when he comes back. But then again, we haven’t seen that push Masters was suppose to get.

  • RCA

    Personally, I thought everyone on the nexus besides Barrett, Gabriel and Bryan. everyone else was worthless from that original nexus.

  • CC

    @Bill. Tarver had a stint on tv, and it was a lot bigger than what they gave Escobar. Simple fact is he was pretty crappy anyway, both in the ring and on the mic.
    Surprised Novak is gone before this season of NXT is finished, but really didnt see them doing anything with the guy thats now been the first elimanated two seasons in a row.

  • The X

    I figured they would pull the trigger on Tarver eventually. If they were planning on bringing him back, they would have done it weeks ago. Novak was bland as hell IMO too so no big surprise there either.

  • mark

    Apart from Tarver, never heard or seen any of the others. So I dont really care

  • Jeff

    This report is completely wrong. WWE didn’t release 5 wrestlers. They released 5 sports entertainers!Haha

  • adam tarasievich

    Ya but tarver of the green memebers in nexus and they were all pretty green. He was the greenest.

  • Bill

    They should’ve tried to give Tarver a stint on TV. I mean, guys like Eric Escobar did, so Tarver should too. Then again, this would explain his weird Twitter post….