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WWE Reportedly Renewing Mason Ryan’s Push, Chyna Performing In Memphis

— Key WWE officials are lobbying for Mason Ryan to receive a renewed push. He is expected to be prominently featured tomorrow night in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match.

Ryan’s last push was curtailed following the Survivor Series, which saw the Madison Square Garden crowd favor Cody Rhodes over him during a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match. Since that time he has sporadically competed on WWE Superstars and non-televised events.

Meanwhile, Brodus Clay is scheduled to perform his animated entrance prior to entering the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna will be performing Saturday night at The Pony strip club located at 3918 Winchester Road, Memphis, Tennessee, reports She will then meet with fans and sign autographs.


  • Wellsy

    Mason Ryan needs to be an enforcer in a group for a while. There’s just not enough about him at the moment to be out there on his own.

    Think him, Drew and Wade could make a good British stable personally.

  • me

    NO, don’t push that waste of space mason ryan WWE, i was glad when he dissappeared off tv, you want big guys to push? use brodus kane and show and bring in some new big guys from FCW who actually have talent when the time is ready, ryan will not be ready in the ring for at least two years and on the mic? probably never.

  • Jon

    Ryan was brought up way too early. His first match on Raw was god awful, and he was greener than goose shit. However, I give him credit for improving over time. Seeing him perform live is much better than on t.v., and he actually knows how to work a crowd live. He’s definitely improved, but he still has miles to go. At least he knows he does and he’s admitted it before, which only means he’s gonna work harder and harder to get better over time.

  • Phil Collins

    I wasn’t too much of a fan with Clay’s gimmick but I have to admit he knows what to do with it very well. I am enjoying the Funkasaurus very much and can see him going far. He takes the gimmick seriously and it’s not coming off as some kind of PG punchline novelty. Good for Brodus.

  • venom

    WWE really has no idea on what to do with Ryan. just release him at this point.

  • K-Dud

    I Think They Should Have Mason Ryan & Brodus Clay Team Up As A Tag Team & Have Them Win The WWE Tag Team Titles.

  • kamala’s foot

    Mason Ryan has more talent than Punk and Ziggler so he deserves the push. look what they did with Batista.

  • Jimbo


  • Automattic


    Fair point 🙂

  • LSC

    I don’t mind Brodus dancing, just that line of Brodus Clay is scheduled to perform his animated entrance prior to entering the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match is giving me a bad feeling. Just like many people feared Santino was going to win the Rumble last year

  • Automattic


    I think they mean they’re going to have Clay dance :p And you know what…I’m ok with this :)I want to see Clay go far in his career. He seems to have a lot of potential talent there, and he’s actually putting effort into his over-the-top character. He definitely stands out, now he needs to run with it!

  • LSC

    I seriously hope they mean the titantron, not his entrance because animating an entrance on a live show in wrestling = FAIL

  • item

    ^^^^^maybe yoshy or perhaps more of ary or barreta

  • LSC

    Meanwhile, Brodus Clay is scheduled to perform his animated entrance prior to entering the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match.

    Whose fucked up idea was this? Was this Evan Bourne’s idea?

  • Sammo

    “WWE reportedly renewing Mason Ryan’s push” is possibly the most depressing wrestling headline I’ve ever read.

  • Valo487

    Ugh, how about pushing someone who actually has some, you know, TALENT?