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WWE officials notified Bright House Network Monday that they have opted to cease their affiliation with the Florida based sports network as they are shutting down Florida Championship Wrestling effective immediately. Florida Championship Wrestling programming, which was taped last Thursday in Tampa, Florida, will cease to air on the network in three weeks.

Everyone involved with Florida Championship Wrestling will relocate to WWE’s homebase in Stamford, Connecticut until a further decision regarding the developmental program is made.

WWE employees were given the impression that a developmental promotion will ultimately open in Connecticut with the possibility of a second at an undetermined location.

The promotion was started by former wrestler Steve Keirn in 2007 to be WWE’s second developmental promotion when they ended their relationship with the Georgia-based Deep South Wrestling in early 2007. It became their sole developmental promotion in early 2008 when they ceased affiliation with Ohio Valley Wrestling.

source: F4WOnline.com

  • Generic Troll

    @Turd Ferguson, Joe is a possibility, dunno if he fits Vince’s idea of the ideal superstar though, AJ fits it but AJ would never leave the place where he has been since its beginning. Better to poach that of Kendrick back now his contracts gone, get Low Ki back and find some more X-Divis talent and make some good tag teams even. Also rumors of RVD returning to WWE.

    Truth be told its TNA that takes WWE talent, doesn’t often work the other way round, and its a shame WWE doesn’t offer better chances for people to shine, Low Ki left WWE because there was no storylines for him which is just a stupid excuse to release such great talent.

    NXT Should stay, if I could get FCW on TV where I’m from I would of watched it all the time. End this season of NXT which has defeated all purpose of its own existence and bring back the formula that produced Barret and the Nexus. Nothing wrong with some midweek programming in my opinion.

    Just hope the FCW guys don’t lose their deals, would be a damn shame..

  • CM Mark

    Britani Knight(Paige) was in a tag match this week against a team with Kaitlyn. It was the best Diva tag match I’ve seen in long time. I hope they keep Miss Knight around until they can get her on tv.

  • heyfit

    They should just use Booker T’s PWA.

    It’s awesome.

  • Devil_Rising

    Damn dude. Is it just me, or does WWE just not keep developmental promotions going for long anymore?

  • Turd Ferguson

    WWE really needs to try and poach some TNA talent post-Wrestlemania. Adding a few recognizable, but fresh to WWE faces would help a lot. You would think that Samoa Joe or AJ Styles would be able to come in and have amazing programs with some of the former ROH guys. Anything to stop the same mid-card talent from putting each other over every 3 months, and getting nowhere from it.

  • Jon

    I also can see Eddie Gurrerro daughter being call up really soon. The diva need a new direction really fast.

  • adam

    They did the same thing with OVW were they just moved it to florida and droped the talent that wasnt progressing and braught the better superstars with them. I could see them calling up alot of them like husky and bo and tyler black the KOH and creed. Then the rest will go to the new devlopment territory.

  • Jon

    I see Booker T promotion as the next WWE delpvomential. It in Houston where there would be more talent and more name recognition with Booker T. A second promotion would be Lance Storm promotion.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I wonder if this means that NXT will return to television. The smart move will be bring up the ones with the passion and heart, put them on NXT, and move the guys that are ready for Raw and Smackdown (Percy Watson) or have already been on those shows (Tyson Kidd, Mike McGuilicutty, Alex Riley) up to the main roster.

  • Antoine

    theyre probably gonna release hella talent and bring some up to the main roster

  • http://Freewebs.com/thunder_struck Joe Thunder

    FCW was more fun to watch than most WWE programming, and there was a lot of talent on their roster. I hope they open up the new program quickly.

  • Bawb

    Let’s also not forget HWA. Jesus, they go through developmental territories like a sports players’ contracts. Is this normal?

  • http://www.wrestlingedge American Dragon

    Most of those guys didn’t have the passion anyway and very few of them can wrestle. The only people that i feel sorry for, are the ROH guys, who should already be on the gawd damn main roster!

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