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WWE Reportedly Signs Masked Mexican Wrestler To Work With Sin Cara

Super Luchas reports that masked Mexican professional wrestler Averno has signed a contract with WWE. He is crossing over to the sports entertainment organization as an unmasked heel to work with Sin Cara. He is expected to lose his mask to La Mascara at CMLL’s next big event, which takes place on June 17.

Averno had a tryout match with WWE last October and performed well, but was not signed due to concern over his age—34 years old. A deal was completed recently when company officials asked Sin Cara who he would most like to work with and he suggested Averno. WWE asked for his advice since most of the organization’s talent haven yet to adapt to his style of wrestling and therefore isn’t performing up to par. Averno, his longtime rival in CMLL, can work his style and showcase his strengths.

Super Luchas also reports that WWE is also considering signing two other young CMLL luchadors.

  • adam tarasievich

    Ya but for this guy they wont becasue they are having him be a heel when he comes in. Then all those little kids will be confused because rey and sin cara have a mask and there good guys how can a bad guy have a mask too. I also dont think its a sure thing becasue why would this guy even sign a contract with wwe if it was only going to be for a few months for this fued.

  • Marky Mark

    If they were smart they’d sign more of these guys with masks intact, to sell merch to these little kids. They worship Rey and he’s complete garbage compared to his peak in WCW. The wrestling itself don’t matter though to them little marks, just cool looking masks and high spots. Bring’em in and let them work with some smaller American guys already signed with WWE, or start brushing through the Indy scene to get heels to compliment some of the faces they want to push who are Luchas.

  • Matt

    Interesting. I like Averno, he was in the last World X Cup in TNA. He’s had some good matches with Mistico in Mexico.

  • Hunter

    Isn’t del rio 33/34??

  • KitKrock



  • Mannul

    So all these Lucha Libre guys can only work with eachother? It sure seems that way. If that’s the case then leave them all in the same orginization in Mexico with eachother. And send Rey Mysterio there too,he’s annoying already.

  • Treg

    going the extra mile to stop him botching half his moves.. man, WWE must really like this guy.

  • Damien Phoenix

    If they can actually give Japanese wrestles anything but comedic gimmicks than I am up for it.

  • Sipeli

    Averno/Mistico = Mysterio/Psychosis??

    Averno is good, but he was more of the power luchadore style which i dont think will get over too well in WWE.
    The things about him being 34? even if they keep him till he’s 40 that still a good 6 years to utilize this guy. He’s not gunna be their top guy so who cares? I think WWE have previously been in the habbit of looking for TOP GUYS, overlooking the fact that they were missing out on some real good mid card talent that could help propel people they already have into TOP GUY status.

  • CM Mark

    Wake me when it’s over.

  • Jonesy

    Yeah hard some international talent would be good. They should bring back the cruiserweight title and stick Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in that division along with Cara, Bryan, Guerrero and some more international talent. Get rid of that shit Hornswoggle period. He is fucking lame

  • Mattitude

    Not definite? He wasn’t signed before because of his age, the only reason he is going to WWE is to feud with Cara. We wish you well in your future endeavors is certain after the feud is over with.

    @Starship Pain
    Agreed, WWE needs some international talent. Some Japanese wrestlers would be a great addition.

  • adam tarasievich

    this should be intresting to have him have a rivalry with sin cara. Also its not a definite thing that he will get droped after that its depending on how good he does with sin cara im sure. Also its nice that wwe is signing more talent with them possibly signing those two younger wrestlers.

  • Starship Pain

    Come on, Vince! Bring more mexican and japanese wrestlers… Give the people something new and fresh in the form of mascaras and lucha libre. Activate the cruserweight title and keep Hornswogle out of the picture… You can have good matches with good talent…

  • cheesehandler

    not possibly…they will

  • Damien Phoenix

    So have them feud to get Cara over and than possibly release the guy afterwards?