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WWE Reports “Concussion-like Symptoms” for Vince McMahon After Last Night’s RAW

– WWE posted the following update on Vince McMahon after he took the knockout punch from Big Show on RAW last night:

HARTFORD, CONN. – Mr. McMahon is being evaluated by medical personnel and treated for concussion-like symptoms due to a head injury sustained at the hands of Big Show on Raw SuperShow Monday night, WWE officials report.

The injury occurred during the show’s final moments, when The World’s Largest Athlete knocked out the WWE Chairman with a WMD that appeared to be intended for John Cena. Mr. McMahon regained consciousness moments after Raw went off the air and was assisted back to the locker room area.

  • jeff

    It was all acting clearly you can see it didn’t touch him much. Just looked like a swipe.

  • Randy

    Total carnage, Show took his head off. Anyone else think that mcniggaman needs some stitches?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Big Show didn’t even touch him and there was no smacking sound initially. Yet when they showed the replay, there was a smacking sound when the punch “hit”. I guess they added that in?

  • OGitchida

    mustve been the air that gave old mcmahon that concussion cuz it sure the fuck wasnt big show hahahaha..

  • T-Will

    Either he missed his face and hit his head or it looked like he hit the air and Vince sold it to make it look good smh no wonder they need Vince to show up for ratings.

  • SYM

    Did yaw see Cena’s little “OMG get some Help” Face?

  • Buttercastle

    I think it’s because Cena wasn’t in the right spot where he could have just ducked and Vince would have gotten hit instead.

  • DJ

    The very 1st camera angle they showed didn’t even look like big show touched him! Bad job big show as usual! Great sell McMahon!

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point In Tryin

    Yeah lol, if you go back and look Big Show completely missed.