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When WWE Might Do the Rock vs. Brock Angle, More Talk on Rock’s Future

– Regarding The Rock’s future with WWE, Vince McMahon was asked if he’s finished as a wrestler at the annual stockholders meeting on April 26th and blew it off like there was no way that’s the case.

People close to Vince note that he believes Rock vs. Brock Lesnar will still happen at WrestleMania XXX.

As noted before, WWE wants The Rock to appear at Hell In a Cell this October from his hometown of Miami. That may be where they decide to do the angle between Rock and Brock.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ted Danson

    This is Ted Danson saying that WrestleMania 30 should be my good bud Zombie Coach vs Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman.
    This time there can only be one Coach

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yes but triple H has been wrestling for alot longer. And as you can see in the ring, The Rock does have a substantial amount of ring rust and so does Brock. Brock even hurt Hunter in there match a little and HBK a little as well. Brock is a power house who does mostly slams. And Rock got hurt in there first Wrestlmania match as well with Cena just not as bad.

  • Matt Trovato

    If Triple H can keep up woth Brock, I think Rock could. Rock is in way better shape than Triple H, and that was the first time I can even remember Rock getting hurt in a match.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I don’t know if the Rock can handle being in the ring with Lesnar though. If he gets injured with Cena than he definitely will with Lesnar due to him being so aggressive and stuff. If thei happens The Rock will really need to be on his A game.

  • Solid

    Expect them to drop Rock/Lesnar for another “once in a lifetime” Rock/Cena 3.

    They’ll go with the old “They’re both 1 and 1 etc blah blah blah crap etc..” 😛

  • Dustin Schwartz

    The Rock-Cena feud was just completely anticlimactic mainly because of Cena’s overdramatic antics. The Rock even had to dumb down his promos and persona as a result. But Brock Lesnar has this no-BS attitude and presence. He’s probably one of the most exciting things to look for these days, even if it’s just him squashing guys for a few minutes. I anticipate the Rock being in top form for him and I expect an entertaining feud between the two.

  • d_pooch

    Expect both guys to be injured after WM30.

  • edgehead34

    this is what they should do, have rock come back at summerslam and face cena in his wwe title rematch and get that rivalry done, but also have rock and lesnar run into eachother or something, have rock come to hell in a cell or survivor series and talk about lesnar and start the talks of a fight, then build it up to wrestlemania xxx, main event match up along with cena vs taker