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WWE Wants The Rock to Appear at PPV This Year, RAW Viewership

– Monday’s WWE RAW averaged 4.285 million viewers, down from last week’s episode which did a 3.14 cable rating for 4.4 million viewers. This week’s RAW had 4.287 million in the first hour, 4.311 million viewers in the second hour and 4.257 million in the third hour.

– Despite The Rock teasing that WrestleMania 29 may have been his last wrestling match, there is some skepticism among some WWE wrestlers and staff. Most believe that when the time comes and Rock is healed up from all of his injuries and feeling good again, he will agree to work WrestleMania XXX in 2014.

It’s said that Vince McMahon believes Rock will do at least one more match, which is why they continue to promote Rock on WWE TV. WWE is hoping that Rock will make an appearance at the October Hell in a Cell pay-per-view from his hometown of Miami.


  • Jason Lentini

    No doubt Christian STILL reeks of awesomeness…. and a little bit of ass cream compliments of Jericho LOL

  • d_pooch

    Yes, they headlined 3 Wrestlemanias, true. But Rock and HHH battled over the IC title for a long time before either of them were in the heavyweight picture. So they had long history that was almost neck-and-neck on their way up.

  • Jason Lentini

    And this was posted after there was a report by you about supposed heat between Rock & WWE. After the half hearted report about Sheamus (and the fact my comment is being moderated probably because I called you out on your reporting skills and/or sources into question), what is supposed to believed ?

    Breaking news. John Cena may or not may lose at Extreme Rules to Ryback.

    Sources speculate that he will drop the title to Ryback who is in the midst of a monster push. Other sources say that John Cena is making a supposed Triple H type of move backstage in terms of politics where he is said to have been very vocal about remaining the face of the company at whatever expense.

  • Hardlyaaron

    Seriously! They had so much of a rivalry from 97 to 2000… So much history to pull from.

  • TheBlackWorm

    The Rock Vs John cena III THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE

  • chronoxiong

    Shoot, give Christian his “one more match.” Where the hell is he now?

  • Timothy Davis

    His biggest rival was Austin

  • d

    if the rock only has 1 more match it should be the final encounter with his biggest rivalry. The ROCK vs TRIPLE H

  • Thomas Mendez

    I’m fine with him working WM but just not against with Cena again.