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WWE Royal Rumble: Layla vs. Eve vs. Natalya vs. McCool

– We get a promo for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

– Cole talks about Cody Rhodes not being able to be int he Rumble tonight. We go backstage with Todd Grisham who reads a statement from Cody, who isn’t there. Cody is upset Rey hasn’t apologized and says he would have won the Rumble and went on to WrestleMania. Cody says he has a shattered face now and wants everyone to respect his wishes for privacy.

– We go to a video of WWE asking fans in the arena earlier who will win the Royal Rumble match tonight.

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Divas Title Match: Layla vs. Eve Torres vs. Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

We go to the ring and out comes the team of Layla and Michelle McCool. Out next is their opponent, the WWE Divas Champion Natalya for this handicap match..

The e-mail alert goes off and Cole has an e-mail from the RAW General Manager. He’s making this match a Fatal 4 Way with Natalya vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool vs… Eve Torres. Out comes Eve. The bell rings and they go at it. LayCool double teams Natalya and then Eve. Natalya comes back and unloads on LayCool. Natalya slingshots Layla into McCool and covers her for a 2. McCool pulls them both out of the ring. McCool runs and takes out Eve. It’s only LayCool in the ring and they stare at each other, looking confused.

Natalya and Eve come int o take out LayCool. Eve and Natalya go at it with each other. Natalya goes for a sharpshooter but Layla breaks it up. Natalya hits a double sharpshooter on Layla and Eve at the same time. McCool comes in and it’s broken up. Eve gets knocked out of the ring. Natalya takes on both Layla and McCool, going back and forth. Natalya rams Layla into the corner and works her over. Natalya with a spinning clothesline and Layla goes down.

McCool tries to kick Natalya but accidentally kicks Layla and drops her. Natalya pins McCool for a 2. Natalya shoves McCool out of the ring and she falls on her head. Eve comes in and takes out Natalya. Eve hits a moonsault on Layla and pins her. The referee counts it but at the same time McCool is pinning Natalya. Eve is declared the winner as he didn’t see McCool pinning.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Eve Torres

– After the match, McCool is furious that her pin wasn’t counted. We go to replays as Eve celebrates winning the Divas Title.

  • JOE

    @adam its just the divas title who cares about that one as long as she doesnt get her hands on the womens title all should be forgiven

  • Adam

    @Will Henderson Bingo! AJ is better and is pretty much on par with Natalya, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Melina, and any WWE diva that can actually wrestle. She’s definitely not one of those stupid chicks and is very passionate in what she does. That is why I’ve grown to be a big fan of hers. Plus I also made a subtle hint to Marc Middleton after reading last weeks TNA Impact results. He kept referring to the TNA World Title as the WWE Diva’s Title. So why not have the roles reversed?

  • Will Henderson

    correction, i meant referring, i forgot to use the Firefox auto-correct feature.

  • Will Henderson

    @Joe, he’s refreering to the fact that Eve is not that good in the ring and the FCW Diva Champion AJ Lee is better in the ring, in fact AJ and Noami had the best match on WWE NXT during the 3rd season a couple of months ago.

  • JOE

    @adam what are you talking about

  • Adam

    Hey Marc, don’t you mean “Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Eve Torres”?

    As for my opinion of this, it’s clear that FCW has the better Diva’s Champion.

  • casey davidson

    kong will interfere in the middle of the match or attack the winner when the match is over

  • bloodstone

    i thought for sure kong would be the fourth one even the fans thught it it would be kong wwe blew it