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WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report – November 17th, 2012

William Regal vs. R-Truth w/ Little Jimmy

Truth has difficulty getting Little Jimmy out of the ring before the match begins. They lock up and exchange arm ringers until Truth hits a drop toe hold out of the corner that causes Regal to come down hard on his nose. Little Jimmy decides to come back in the ring and he and Truth do a little break dancing. Regal can’t believe what he is seeing and demands that Truth makes Little Jimmy leave the ring. Little Jimmy doesn’t want to leave and runs after Regal but Truth holds him back. Little Jimmy is chased out of the ring by Regal and gets a stern warning while hiding behind Santino at the commentators table. Santino consoles Little Jimmy assuring him that Regal can’t see him. Truth hits Regal with a body slam for a one count and Regal sweeps Truth off his feet and locks up his arm. Truth reverses and hits an inverted monkey flip but misses a drop kick. Regal picks up Truth, grabs his left leg and Truth misses an enziguri. Truth immediately gets to his feet and runs of the runs and ducks an elbow by Regal and rolls through a Regal hip toss attempt for the 1-2-3.

Winner: R-Truth

We are treated to a blooper reel of The Miz’s Survivor Series

Video Vault: Classic Survivor Series Moments:

The Awesome Truth vs. The Rock & John Cena

The Rock’s debut in 1996

The Montréal Screw job 1997

Traditional Survivor Series Matches over the years

Saturday Morning Spotlight: Kofi Kingston

Layla and Chilli from the R&B group, TLC talk about how amazing he is and Kofi says his dream was to get to the WWE and is happy he finally got the opportunity to immerse himself into it.

Don’t Try This at School, Home or Anywhere PSA featuring David Otunga

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder (non-title)

They shake hands as a sign of good sportsmanship before the match starts. They lock up and Ryder backs Kofi into the corner, backs off and does his “Woo, Woo, Woo” chant. They lock up again and Kofi applies a headlock and is sent off the ropes by Ryder who gets leveled by a shoulder tackle. Ryder gets right back up and leap frogs over Kofi coming off the ropes, Kofi turns around and pulls Ryder’s Broski head band over his eyes and Long Island Z can’t see and stumbles around the ring as Kofi looks on with a big smile on his face. Kofi whips a blinded Ryder into the ropes and Ryder crashes chest first into the top ropes and falls to the canvas. He pops right back up and Kofi rolls him up for a one count and as Ryder is able to get the head band off. Ryder rolls outside the ring and asks Kofi if he is “Serious Bro” in regards to the head band shenanigans. Ryder gets back in the ring and Kofi tries to explain himself Ryder interrupts Kofi with a roll up for only a one count. Now it is Kofi who can’t believe what Ryder has done and Ryder says “Relax Bro.” They exchange waist locks until Ryder sends Kofi hard into the corner and attempts a Broski Boot but Kofi rolls to the floor. Ryder goes for a dive over the top rope and lands on his feet as Kofi moves. Kofi quickly gets back in the ring and attempts his own dive but lands on his feet as Ryder moves out of the way. We go commercial as both men signal how close they were to hitting the other with their dive.

We are back from the break and Ryder has Kofi wrapped up in a body scissors. Kofi fights out and hits Ryder with a slingshot that sends Ryder over the top rope and on to the apron. Ryder gets back in the ring with a sunset flip and the two change rolling pins attempts. Kofi misses a jumping splash in the corner and Ryder covers him for a two count. Ryder follows up with flap jack face plant and covers him for a close near fall. Kofi comes back with a head scissors take over and follows up with Russian leg sweep, Boom Drop and gets amazing height off a spring board cross body from the top rope for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston