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WWE Saving Lesnar vs. Batista for Later This Year?, Backstage News on WrestleMania Creative

– We noted before that major WrestleMania XXX creative meetings were held over the past week with several discussions changed. While many different scenarios were brought up, at least one source in WWE creative doesn’t expect a lot of changes will be made.

While it may appear they are going in the direction of Kane vs. Daniel Bryan after this week’s TV shows, the source didn’t expect Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan to be changed. Regarding that match, nobody within WWE expects Bryan to go over.

Regarding the recent Batista vs. Brock Lesnar teases on WWE TV, the feeling is that it was done to build to something between the two later this year.

Source: PWInsider

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    And not a single f**k was given….

    Honestly Batista hasn’t even had a proper match yet and they’re shoving him down our throats….

  • d_pooch

    Makes NO sense whatsoever for Bryan to lose to Triple H. None.

  • Mike Wells

    I hope they do a WrestleMania X idea.
    Bret vs Owen and Lex vs Yoko was before Bret vs Yoko.

    They could do Bryan vs HHH, and if he wins he faces the winner of Batista vs Orton in the main event.

    Or they could have another Authority screw job at EC, with Bryan winning but due to an “administrative error” it was only for the WHC. Merge the two belts again in the main event at WMXXX.

    It would be far better for Bryan to finally overcome the authority at WMXXX than defend the belt. The feeling leaving WM would be far greater!

  • WWEOldSchool

    I”m just happy I only have to pay 9.99 for this Wrestlemania as opposed to 70.00 because it sounds like wrestlemania 30 is gonna suck.

  • Right………..why WOULD Bryan “go over” part time “shouldn’t-even-be-wrestling-anymore” COO HHH? Why WOULD WWE put one of their most popular young stars over a 40+ has-been? Because logic works….