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WWE Schedules Special Announcement for Monday

WWE plans to make a special announcement this Monday at 12PM ET according to an article they posted on their official website.

Something big is coming to Log on this Monday at 12 p.m. ET for a special announcement, streamed live on, and

Tune in the day after WWE Elimination Chamber for a special address by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, WWE COO Triple H, WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon, WWE Champion The Rock and John Cena.

  • kewk

    So wait, The Rock is gonna win this sunday?

  • i disagree with direct tv. comcast is buying a big part of NBC which owns USA so a satelite exclusive deal would seem a bit off.

  • Josh

    With it being the day after Elimination Chamber and Rock and Cena being there, I think all signs point to this being the announcement for the Wrestlemania main event.

  • Tony Adams

    The article says “Something big is coming to” Sounds to me it’s going to be something dealing with .. Maybe they’re launching their network on

  • Will Henderson

    this is ether gonna be an announcement about WrestleMania 30’s host venue, or WWE announcing that they will finally launch WWE Network on a cable/satellite provider, most likely a partnership with DirecTV. or an WWE/TNA talent exchange program where TNA talents shows up on WWE TV and WWE Talent shows up on TNA TV, which the WWE/TNA talent exchange thing will never happen, but i wouldn’t mind a WWE/TNA talent exchange program where we get fresh match ups on both companies and dream matches coming true.

    so most likely the announcement will be WrestleMania 30’s host venue being announced or WWE Network launches.