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WWE Seeking Indian Stars, Bret Hart & WWE in South Africa, RAW Updates

– Below are some recent WWE numbers:

* RAW on May 3rd in Huntsville, AL drew 4,400 fans for $137,000.
* RAW on May 4th in Fayetteville, NC drew 7,000 fans for $210,000.
* RAW on May 5th in Charlottesville, VA drew 4,000 fans for $110,000.

– As noted before, Bret Hart will be working WWE’s upcoming live events from South Africa in July. Bret was huge in South Africa because he was WWE’s top star when they first got on TV there. While taking time off back in 1996, Bret actually came back for a South African tour because the company and local promoters felt he was needed for the tour to be a success.

– With the opening of new offices in India, WWE is looking at signing more wrestlers from the country. There is a major push to bring in new fans from India and develop the WWE brand there. This is one of the reasons that The Great Khali is being put with Jinder Mahal as a heel force to be reckoned with, eventually becoming babyface stars.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Muhammed Hassan was good. They should bring him back. Davari worked a couple of dark matches, but I don’t think he signed a deal.

  • ICE

    wwe should bring back muhammad hassan

  • Raw was in Huntsville on June 3rd, not May 3rd. Good job, Middleton.

  • Wellsy


    Complete rubbish.

    Racist for supporting someone from your nationality? I’ve heard it all now. You need to sort your head out lad if you’re gonna get upset over things like that.

  • me

    if they want indians all they have to do is come to my country (england) there’s plenty of them here, try the supermarkets.

  • Freakzilla

    Iran next door to India. What a dumb fuck ^^^^^^

  • Sammo

    Didn’t I read here last month that WWE has already rehired Daivari?

    I think he’s Iranian, but Iran is pretty much next door to India… I think.

  • CC

    @Matt. Its not racism to be a fan of someone from your own country. It’s no different to supporting your own country in any sport.
    I mean, if a French man supports the French team in the Olympics, or a Spanish man supports a Spanish driver in Formula 1, are you saying that they are racist?
    Its national pride, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • renz

    defs miss the guru

  • KitKrock

    Hire THE GURU sonjay dutt!

  • Matt

    its stupid, they should look for good wrestlers period, no matter their origins. If some fans watch wwe just because a wrestler of their nationality/color is on the show, then they are racist. Enough with racial discrimination.

  • BigPoppaDaddyCool

    dude shut up, you are annoying