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WWE Seeking Mexican Stars, Kassius Ohno Suffers Injury, Vince McMahon Talk

– With John Cena turning 35 recently, there is talk that after going with names like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and now John Cena, the next “top guy” in WWE may be Vince McMahon’s last hand-picked face of the company.

– WWE is once again interested in finding future stars from Mexico with Sin Cara’s future being up in the air, Rey Mysterio having the problems he’s had and Alberto Del Rio talking about retiring while he’s still healthy. The idea is to look for a young high-flyer with charisma but they could also be looking for a veteran heel such as Averno.

– FCW star Kassius Ohno, the former Chris Hero, is reportedly out of action due to a cervical sprain that happened at the April 26th FCW tapings in a match against his former partner Antonio Cesaro. Ohno did a twisting dive onto a bunch of guys but landed short and on top of his head. He was able to finish the match but was taken to the hospital for x-rays.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Machado

    Kassius? OH NO!

  • Stevie P

    Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes, can’t go wrong with either of them.

  • yofits


    The WWE’s next Hulk Hogan (Mexican version)

  • Will Henderson

    @you need to give him some quality time: no they mean the cervical collar/disc/vertebrae/nerves/lymph nodes/Rin area, which is the neck.

    a while back some fans got confused when WWE said AJ Lee suffer a Cervical strain/sprain when she was kayfabe injured after a storyline collision with the Big Show. some people thought it was her Cervix, when WWE meant her neck was injured. i figured right away it was the neck and not the lady part.

  • Reverse prince albert

    even though Cena is soo very shit, vince made alot of money from cena.. i’m sure is last pick will be a great one..

  • you need to give him some quality time

    Duuuuh, Chris Hero got a cervix???

  • Boondock Saint

    what’s up with Sin Cara? I thought he was just waiting to come back from his injury.

  • V-R-A

    That really is the end of an era if you think about it. The last man Vince will pick as the face of his company…After that it will be whoever Triple H sees fit. I’m sure the last person he picks he’ll put a lot of thought into it, as he always has. But this one will be especially important to him, since it will be the last one.

  • ant

    lol thats messed up how theyre basically implying that vince mcmahon is gonna DIE

  • Effmenow

    The next *future* face of the WWE will be Dolph Ziggler. I would say the same thing for Zack Ryder but he needs to change his gimmick. It’s run it’s course.

  • nick

    wwe has hunico, look at the way they use him, he is awesome in ring