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WWE Seeking Partnership with US Olympics, Talents Encouraged to Finish College

– WWE is trying to open a relationship with the US Olympic committee so they will have an “in” for prospective Olympic athletes who either don’t quite make the team or those who do well but are in sports where there are no professional leagues.

WWE would be interested in the wrestlers, of course, but the feeling is they would also be interested in making stars out of weight men such as shot putters, discus throwers or Olympic lifters.

– FCW brought in 23 to 35 athletes this past week – some experienced independent wrestlers but mostly successful college wrestlers that were recruited by Gerald Brisco. The wrestlers were told if they are signed by WWE, they would value them more if they continued and finished their studies in college as opposed to quitting school and starting in developmental right away.

WWE is talking about doing similar tryouts in foreign countries such as the UK and Australia.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • voice of reason

    so let me get this straight the big leagues the wwe are losing talent as fast as anything but fcw are bringing 25 to 35 new guys how about the wwe talent scouts switch positions with fcw’s talent scouts.

  • Buttercastle

    So they want to steal…… I mean aquire more talent, yet they use the same 5-6 guys as headliners all year.

  • Sam Peters

    having try outs in the UK would be amazing

  • Hopefully they get a working deal with the US Olympic Committee. MMA should be doing some type of deal with the US Olympic Committee with the Judo and Wrestlers. Boxing has the amateurs in the Olympic and has given the attention and accolades to young boxers who other wise might have never continued to keep pursing boxing… this leads and has lead to some of the greatest boxers of all time to become mainstays in the pros.

    WWE and MMA would do smart to finally get their feet wet with these WORLD CLASS LEVEL Athletes, and start giving them more clear cut segue to the pro levels of competitive competition THAT PAYS.

  • Maxwell

    Did I just hear Kurt Angle?