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WWE Doing Away with Separate RAW & SmackDown Events?

– WWE sent out a survey on Wednesday asking fans about renaming their live events as it sounds like separate RAW and SmackDown live events may be no more. WWE is looking at featuring both RAW and SmackDown Superstars at live events. In re-naming the live events, WWE provided the following options:

* WWE Superstars Live!
* WWE Universe Live!
* WWE World Tour
* WWE: The Tour
* WWE Live
* WWE Live In Action!
* WWE Live Tour
* WWE Presents

  • Jon-Jon

    Thank GOD. Maybe people will get more interested again if they just do away with all this complicated brand split mess and get back to basics. Get back to connecting with the people and doing what works.

  • Will Henderson

    and now the brand extenstion era is slowly coming to an end.

  • The_Electrifying_One

    Bye bye “Brand Extension Era!” To be fair the development of TNA and Ring of Honour now being promotions of a respecatable size I can see why WWE has less talent. Not only that but an awful lot of the talent that was in WWE at the time of the “brands” being created are now retired or have moved on.

    I am hoping as a fan we will see a slightly slimmer roster with quality talent throughout and not some of the rubbish we have been told are the “next big thing” such as Drew McIntyre.