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WWE Looking To Set Mask Record During Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara Match

— After the California Angels received publicity for setting a Guinness world record on May 10 for most costume masks worn at a single gathering, WWE discussed taking a stab at the record next year at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Company officials have discussed holding a singles match between Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara at the event. Should it occur, it will be the match where WWE aims for the record.

— In Raw live event attendance notes, the May 10 show in Highland Heights, Kentucky drew 3,300 paying $85,000; May 11 in Hermosillo, Mexico drew a sellout crowd of 10,300 paying $570,000; May 12 in Guadalajara drew 6,500 paying $400,000; May 13 at Los Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City drew a sellout crowd of 19,900 paying $870,000; May 14 at Arena Monterrey drew a sellout crowd of 13,800 paying $750,000. Smackdown on May 14 in Lake Charles, Louisiana drew 3,300 paying $95,000 and May 15 in Austin, Texas garnered 6,500 paying $190,000.

— The pre-sale code for the August 2 SmackDown taping in Lexington, Kentucky is WWELIVE. It started this morning.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • bonerjams

    Alhow your a dumbass!

  • Friday Couldnt Come Sooner

    im all for this match being at wrestlemania, cant wait

  • F BOMB

    @sammo thats funny as hell!

  • RCA

    Why are they worrying about WM 28 when it’s still about a year away? They should worry about the current state of things before they worry about what matches they have for next year.

  • CiB

    @ Thumper!

    Yes, the race relations issue would be much better served if wrestlers only wrestled people of different races. Every week Cena beats up a different ethnic minority.

  • Sammo

    Sin Cara could communicate like Wild.E.Coyote and hold up signs.

  • Gary

    They are talking about the fans, they will probly make it a “friendly” match so both can still stay face….IE fans will wear either sin’s mask or reys…


    So how do they plan on breaking the record if there are only 2 wrestlers wearing a mask. I thought the record is for “most costume masks worn at a single gathering” if theres a singles match how will that break any record. Unless there are lumberjacks around the ring that all have mask on.

  • CC

    Why the fuck do they need to build a feud between Rey and Sin Cara for them to have a match at WM? And how is it racial profiling?
    Its the kind of match people will want to see, two masked luchas giving it their all. Just like people wanted to see Ultimo Dragon vs Rey when Dragon was with WWE. Was that racial profiling seeing as they are both different races?

  • Chris

    California Angels?

    I didn’t know I was sent back in time to 1996

  • ##

    Thumpers girl must 1. does’nt like give oral sex or 2. on her period. Anyways, the biggest concern WWE should have is that hopefully Rey won’t be injured by the time WM rolls around.

  • They aren’t racially profiling them by putting on a match that LOTS of people want to see..

  • Thumper!

    How the hell are they gunna build a fued off of those two. Sin Cara can’t even speak english!!

    The WWE….where racial profiling is acceptable.