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Oh Bilal: WWE Should Bring Back The Breakthrough Battle Royal

by Bilal V - October 17, 2013

The event took a young Sheamus and skyrocketed him to a main event contender. He would go on to defeat then WWE Champion John Cena at the TLC pay per view. Outstanding given before this he had only one pay per view match under his belt. The beauty of the Breakthrough Battle Royal was that it was reserved for wrestlers who had NEVER won a World Championship of any kind.

When you look at the current top card talent: World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio has been in the main event title picture far too long, the same can be said about his number one contender John Cena. Randy Orton, RVD, CM Punk and others have all had multiple runs with World titles. There have been a few fresh faces, ironically breaded superstars Daniel Bryan and World Heavyweight Money in the Bank holder Damien Sandow. The WWE has an aging roster that’s finishing move seems to be offering faded stars overpaid short term comebacks: The Rock, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar among others. While young talent are lost in the shuffle.

If the WWE was to hold a Breakthrough Battle Royal on the first episode of Raw after the Hell in a Cell pay per view, the field of non-world champions would be stellar: Cody Rhodes, Bray Wyatt, Fandango, Curtis Axel, The Shield, Goldust, Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Ryback and Tyson Kidd. I would be happy with anyone of them walking away the winner and going on to become the new World Heavyweight or WWE Champion at the following pay per view.

The WWE needs to get more creative with their feuds, as they seem to go on far too long and lack any semblance of originality. Otherwise expect Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton part 4, and more rehashes of John Cena and Alberto Del Rio in the World Heavyweight title picture. With the only light at the end of the tunnel Damien Sandow’s cash in, that will likely result in a short title run, and CM Punk being back in the WWE title picture yet again.

Do you want to see the Breakthrough Battle Royal back in WWE and who should or should not win it?

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  • Bilal

    Very true mole, he is best as a heel and we have more top faces than top heels.

  • mole

    R truth complete with a heel turn only for the world title tho

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