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WWE Shuts Down Live Events Website After Users Upload Nude Diva Pics

WWE took their live events website ( offline Wednesday afternoon after numerous nude images were published in the photo gallery.

The website features an unmoderated section where fans are allowed to upload photos taken at live events. A nude photo of former WWE Diva Tiffany from her Playboy modeling days was uploaded to the website this morning, garnering attention online. Users then started to bombard the section with several tawdry images (including a graphic still of Chyna’s s genitalia from her 2004 adult film 1 Night in China), causing WWE to hastily take the website offline.

The website remains down as of this post; it instead redirects to

  • santino sicilian cool

    @ zach the curiosity just got me i had to have a look aint i evil

  • Zach D

    @ everyone

    Be honest, who went and looked up Tiffany’s Playboy pics after they read this?

  • voice of reason

    alot of divas have posed nused fuck even mickie james used to do porn, the pics are out there & anyone can find them quite easily i do find it a little bit silly that the wwe in their pg era has gone all moralistic on us when divas were allowed to pose for playboy the wwe would spruke it for atleast 2 months & now it seems they have rverted their morals back to the 1920’s what’s next divas in burqa’s what’s hhh gonna do pull a show because a divas showed some ankle.

    but i do though remember hhh & candace michelle getting a hummer on raw

  • Chris

    Totally sucks. I was looking for information on a show, and now I have to wait until its uploaded again. Good lord what did these jerk offs do before they had the internet? Probably all pre-pubescent teens, who think naked pics are this big taboo…get a life. Besides, Chyna and Tiffany were their choices…obviously they couldn’t picked better. 😉

  • LVW

    @HR- depends on what you want PG to mean.

  • HR

    that’s not very pg lol

  • Will Henderson

    this site will be back, just without that feature where uploading pictures can be done.

  • Edo. Risk

    Are does pic of tiffany gona bury McTyre even more????

  • Simon

    Hey, whatever floats his boat >.>’

  • Sammo

    @Centerman… You’re complaining about missing the fun?!

    I’ve heard some nasty stories about Chyna’s minge – I think if I ever actually saw a picture of it I woul be horribly mentally scared for the rest of my life. That isn’t fun!

  • Centerman

    Awww. I missed the fun.

  • Sin Cara # 3


    Thank you based /wooo/!!!

  • CC

    Gotta laugh at the use of the word “tawdry”. Whoever wrote the original article that was cut and pasted here is obviously a total prude.

  • Omar


  • Ron Paul

    Chicks with Dicks

  • Sean Mooney

    I bet it’s the picture of Chyna that did it.

  • Prince

    Lmao, good stuff.

  • Fred

    lolz all around

  • venom

    This is funny as hell.

  • blue4everd

    what?!?!?!?!? The WWE Universe is so naughty. ;D