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WWE signed deal with Eminem to appear on Smackdown Live

WWE has been trying to sign a deal with Eminem for a long time and now they have finally done it. Fightful reports that WWE and Eminem have signed a deal that will see Eminem being used in WWE in a few ways.

Eminem will be providing the soundtrack for the upcoming WWE 2K20 video game. He will also be appearing on Smackdown Live later on in 2019, once Smackdown moves to Fox. This might be a part of their initial launch. Needless to say, it would definitely help with ratings if he were to make an appearance.

To add to that, WWE is also planning on making Eminem a custom belt of his own. Eminem is currently busy on an overseas tour, but this deal might have been made beforehand.

We will have to wait until October to see what happens.

  • oppa

    His reps have denied that he has signed on to work with WWE. We’ll see who is telling the truth later.

  • gar216

    Yea that’s what wrestling fans want. A musician who peaked in the attitude era

  • CC

    This will definitely help ratings? It really will not.
    Guest stars on WWE shows in this day and age do not add to ratings.
    Just as Ronda Rousey has not brought in the extra ratings they expected, and we have actually see ratings go down while she has been with the company (not blaming her, just pointing out that outside names mean nothing as far as ratings go).