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Why WWE Signed Generico, HHH Interested In Other Stars, More

– As noted before, WWE has signed El Generico to a developmental deal. One of the main reasons they wanted him is because he speaks a number of different languages. The feeling is that will come in handy as an asset for international markets. Generico has canceled some indy events and will likely be headed to developmental soon. There’s a feeling among some within WWE that he will no longer wrestler under a mask but that’s not confirmed.

Generico’s signing is said to be part of a bigger plan as WWE has a number of indy stars on their radar that they want to lock into deals. Word is that this is a Triple H move and more signings are coming.

Two of those potential signings are Adam Cole and Sami Callihan. Both of them have tryouts with WWE scheduled between now and the end of January.

The success of guys like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins in mainly CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has caused a different feeling within WWE when it comes to talent coming up through the indies, and also talent that doesn’t have the look, size and physique that used to be the first thing WWE looked for.

Source: PWInsider

  • El Generico’s top rope Brainbuster is a sight to behold.

  • Scooter

    Doesn’t suprise me that HHH wants to hire wrestlers because at the end of the day he may be an ex bodybuilder but he man is trained by Killer Kowalski so you can bet he respects the business!

  • dave

    what!? how can some indy guy who has busted his ass in the ring all over the world actually be more talented than a roided up male model!!?????

  • Centurypromotion

    This guy was named 4 years in a row wrestler of the year in all wrestlers from Montreal,quebec area just in front of is top rival Keven Steen both of them started their career out here in Montreal two great wrestlers.El Generico will end up in wwe or tna in the next few years for sure,Steen too should be ending up in tna or wwe in a near futur (steen was trained and wrestle first for Jacques Rougeau wrestling promotion in Montreal and all over Quebec) looking for more talent from here Alex Silva is now in tna and sylvain grenier was from here too al of them have wrestle for NCW they have great talent here still available to jumpship to us indy scene like franky the mobster or Darko check then out.

  • John

    I’m glad WWE is going with this approach. You don’t need big muscleheads to main event and carry the company. Bret Hart, HBK, Eddie Guerrero, and Y2J did just fine as some of the smaller guys who made it big.

  • CC

    theres always been indy wrestlers coming through, but dont forget both WWE and WCW used to love going for ex-football players etc, as they were the big guys they wanted. I think what this article means is they are starting to look to the indys for potential main eventers who dont conform to the traditional WWE big guy look.

    If you look at a lot of the indy guys that have joined WWE over the years, most of the ones that had the big pushes were the big guys with very little experience, where as the grafters were either totally overlooked, or ended up in WWE as jobbers and mid carders at best

  • Omar

    @twitter-51080945:disqus They were picking injured college footballers and failed body builders.

  • killatheninja

    WWE better use him right ive been watching him for the longest time it would suck for WWE to take him away from indy and then just pay him to sit next to JTG and tyson kidd.

  • Jack

    If they weren’t looking at people from the Indies, where they heck were they looking? At people with zero wrestling training?

  • Tyler(:

    Triple H knows talent when he sees it then.