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WWE Signing Collegiate Star?, WWE Stars Announcing at FCW, WWE-Facebook

– William Regal and Natalya were doing announcing for a few matches at this past Thursday’s FCW tapings in Florida.

– WWE reached a milestone on Facebook this weekend with their 5 millionth fan. Less than 50 brands have that many fans “liking” them on Facebook.

– NAIA collegiate wrestling champion Derek Foore from Notre Dame is being offered a deal by WWE. WWE’s Jerry Brisco recently contacted Foore after watching him wrestle at a national competition back in March. When he finishes school this coming May, Foore will be going to WWE developmental in Tampa to train and be evaluated by the FCW staff.

Regarding a future with WWE, Foore told The Medina Gazette:

“Of course I’m going to jump on the opportunity. When I get down to Tampa, though, it’s business, straight business. I’m going there to get a contract. I’ll do whatever it takes to sign on the dotted line. I’m willing to learn. In order to walk, you have to crawl. I think the chances are really good, but I won’t count my eggs before they hatch. I’ll take nothing for granted. I’ll expect the worse, but I’ll be confident I can work toward what I want. They’re not allowing me to ride my bike with training wheels. I’ll take my bumps and bruises along the way. I never thought it would happen. Words can’t describe what I’m thinking.”

  • jushin liger

    Good one eric, I was going to type the same thing.LMFAO. WWE is in the “ENTERTAINMENT” business, not the WRESTLING business anymore!!!

  • Andy

    @buttercastle I was thinking the same thing!

  • adam

    what do u think swagger is

  • Eric

    Why would the WWE want a WRESTLER?!?!

  • adam

    I have a feeling this kid will be put on NXT or the next Tough Enough if he is that good. If he is on NXT swagger should be his pro.

  • Buttercastle

    Is it just me or does he talk in all metaphores? Maybe working on a gimmick in case he’s called up to the main roster.

  • !?

    Sounds like this kid has a lot of upsides to him and he is a legit athlete, I wish him the best of luck. He has got an uphill battle competiting against FCW, NXT and TE guys all trying to work their way onto the main roster though.