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WWE Signs Buggy Nova? – Appears At Florida Championship Wrestling Event

California-based wrestler Buggy Nova has apparently signed a developmental contract with WWE as she made her Florida Championship Wrestling debut at Wednesday’s Summer Slamarama event in Orlando, Florida, according to multiple attendees.

Buggy, who possesses an “alternative” look, participated in a Diva swimsuit competition as well as a dancing contest. Byron Saxton emceed the competitions and announced her as Natalie.

Buggy was first evaluated by WWE officials at the January 16 Raw SuperShow in Anaheim, California. She was invited to the following day’s SmackDown taping in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she wrestled AJ in a tryout match before company brass. She was evaluated the following month at a SmackDown taping in Fresno, California, where she once again faced AJ in a private match.

Buggy is 22-years-old and billed at 5’8″ and 135 pounds. Trained under the Ballard Brothers, she has been wrestling on the independent circuit since 2009.

  • adam

    I agree with everyone that name is a bit ridcilous and wwe would be hard pressed to give her a worse name. I also think one thing that needs to change is the title. They need to stop using hte butterfly divas title and go back to the classic womens title the belt that actually had history.

  • charlie

    Buggy is awesome, Out here in Las Vegas, She wrestled for Future Stars of Wrestling. SHe is going to be awesome with the WWE. We will miss her here in Las Vegas.

  • CC

    I think this would be the one time that a WWE renaming could actually make someones name better. They’d be hard pressed to come up with something worse.

  • Chael Sonnen: True Middleweight Champion

    Not only is she talented, she’s hot as fuck

  • scooter

    Buggys look is a bit alternative but when she tones it down she looks a lot like kaitlyn I think.

  • False Idol

    Oh hell yes! I’d like to see her in the ring in WWE! Would like to Kaitlyn pushed a bit more, I agree I think she has got better and is really underused of late! But definitely would like to see Buddy Nova (ridiculous name) come up through the system!

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Buggy Nova huh? I wonder if she is related to Hollywood Nova?

  • adam

    I meant Ant there are a few other really good ones.

  • adam

    sepulz. You forget they also have shaul guerrero aubrie marie sofia cortez and page in FCW so they have some girls who can wrestle. Plus katlyn has gotten considerably better and kelly kelly who is basically just a model who kind of learned to wrestle isnt even really in wwe anymore.

  • Little Jimmy

    If her name is “Buggy Nova” Now I wonder what her name is going to be by the time she reaches FCW!?

  • sepulz

    @ ant it was a rhetorical question farley

  • The Awesome One

    shes hot but what kinda name is buggy nova lol

  • ant

    cuz there are only 4 talented divas on the roster who can wrestle AJ,Kharma,Beth Pheonix,and Natayla

  • xXx

    saw her match with christina von eerie, decent in-ring skills.. might be something..

    ..wait, why is wwe getting skilled female wrestlers?