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WWE Signs Eliminated TE Contestant?, Miz Comments on Concussion, More

– Chris Jericho will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next Wednesday night.

– Dolph Ziggler is on his way to Turkey to do some promotional work for WWE.

– As noted before, Ariane Andrew was the first person eliminated from WWE Tough Enough after saying Melina vs. Alicia Fox was her favorite WWE match of all-time. Ariana said last night on her Twitter that WWE has signed her to a developmental contract and she begins working with FCW next week. She has since deleted the tweet.

– The Miz wrote the following on Twitter last night regarding his concussion suffered at WrestleMania 27: “Doctors said to not watch tv, read, think, basically use my brain due to my concussion. So no tweets. My 1st tweet back. “I TOLD YOU SO!””

  • Thomas

    Are people seriously mad that Ariana got signed anyway? I honestly don’t think she deserves it since she couldnt even get past the first episode but many Stars have been signed without winning Tough Enough OR Diva Search. The Miz, Chris Nowinski, Josh Matthews, Matt Morgan, The Boogeyman to name a few have lost Tough Enough but got contracts. Michelle McCool lost the Diva Search (7th Place infact) and she obv. got a contract too.

  • Andy

    STUPID WWE if this is true! The chick clearly only cared about getting a quick 15 minutes of fame. She doesn’t care about the business. Yes, Melina and Alicia Fox are good workers, moreso Melina…but when you cant name ANY OTHER MATCH in the history of professional wrestling – well, quite frankly, you dont deserve to be in the business.

  • Devil_Rising

    What is the fucking point of “eliminating” someone from Tough Enough, if they just get a developmental deal anyway? Especially some stupid bitch like her.

  • Myers

    If they did sign that bitch it’s kills the whole point of the show.