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WWE Signs Lingerie Football Star, HOF’er Reportedly Appears Nude in Movie, More

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Ivory turns 50 years old today while Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan turns 69 and Tough Enough winner Maven turns 35.

– We don’t have this confirmed yet, but reader Tyler Long sent the following:

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes will be appearing in a new independent Christmas horror movie called Hell Elves this January. The campy movie follows a small group of rogue elves who turn on Santa Claus. They kill everyone and put their body parts in jars to give out to kids as presents. Rhodes briefly appears as a grandfather to one of the children, running out of the shower nude and confronting the elves as they come down his chimney. The scene was filmed earlier this month. Hell Elves hits iTunes and Netflix on January 17th, 2012 and is scheduled to be released on DVD sometime in early 2012.

– WWE has signed Lingerie Football League star Danielle Moinet to a developmental deal. She debuted last week as a manager for former ECW personality Abraham Washington.

Moinet expressed interest during media interviews earlier this year in becoming a WWE Diva and has tweeted about being a fan. Besides playing in the LFL, she also has a degree in marketing.

  • voice of reason

    at least the star getting their gear off isnt mae young

  • Assassino

    @Ray fuck maybe you’d rather a big bitch like karma in your bed aye. Look at Danielle’s pictures she if sooooo hot.

  • LVW

    Think I’ll wait for the book.

  • Bill

    Dusty Rhodes is allowed to appear nude in a Christmas movie, yet WWE thinks Maryse is too inappropriate for TV?

  • Ray

    anorexic*, rather.

  • Ray

    Yay. Another anorexis looking blonde bimbo. I thought we already had Kelly Kelly?

  • D2K

    I know what you wrote. I was asking how many ASSUMED it was gonna be Sunny.

  • D2K

    Alright. When it said WWE HOFer and ‘nude’ how many of you assumed it was gonna be Sunny?

  • Dave

    Put this model bird in the movie, and get Dusty involved in a Goldust Vs Cody Rhodes feud. Everyone’s a winner.

  • Kyle

    Because nobody is suprised WWE signed a model

  • Buttercastle

    I was going to say something productive but then I looked up Lingerie Football League and may or may not have bought season tickets.

  • bonerjams

    5 comments and not one of them about the football lingerie model

  • I just threw up a little in my mouth…

  • Joe W

    He seems like he’s an out going type of guy. This actually doesn’t shock me as much as it does for a lot of people. WWE must be moving back to the PG-13 ages if they are keeping him around the company since nude isn’t really PG.

  • voice of reason

    dusty rodes to appear nude looks like i need to visit a sandblaster for my eyes if i ever saw that, when i hear of wwe star to appear nude in a film i was expecting no hoping to see some divas but not dusty oh god no.

  • venom

    Does anybody remember Goldberg’s movie Santa Slays?

  • zach d

    That’s just a messed up movie all around

  • kyle

    dusty rhodes nude in a movie? yeaa its deff a horror movie :S