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WWE Signs Olympic Wrestler to Begin Training at the WWE Performance Center Today

– WWE has signed amateur wrestler Chas Betts to a developmental deal. He will begin training at the WWE Performance Center today. Betts was a member of the 2012 US Olympic team in Greco-Roman wrestling at 185 pounds. Betts posted on Facebook this weekend:

“On Oct. 19th of last year, I asked Kristi to give me one year to attack and pursue a new dream after I retired from Greco-Roman Wrestling…

It ended up taking two weeks longer than I asked for, but I think she’ll forgive that — considering we’ve moved to sunny Orlando, FL just as the Minnesota winter was about to kick in.

I am proud to announce I have signed a contract with WWE and begin training tomorrow at the WWE Performance Center here in Florida. For those that have known me a long time, you know being a pro-wrestler has been a dream of mine since I was 11 or 12 years old. I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity. I am extremely lucky to have a wife and family that has supported me in every dream I’ve chosen to chase, however unlikely it may be. Never underestimate the power of a good support system, people!

For those interested in following the journey, feel free to follow me @chasbetts on Twitter. See ya down the road, friends!”

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I hope he would work out just as good as Angle but very hard shoes to fill. I do believe Kurt Angle also was his own worst enemy leaving the WWE. To me both sides handed it very bad. But Angle never let it go how he left the WWE I believe WWE and Vince move on from what happen but Angle never had. I wonder soon if Kurt Angle still may end up back in the WWE with the way things are working out in TNA. But on to Chas Betts have to admit don’t know to much about the guy but I believe WWE when they sign young guys and hope he can do well in the WWE.

  • millerj265

    Spot on about kurt. I always think to myself if only he hadn’t broke his neck on his way to winning the gold medal, he would either still be in the wwe to this day or would have retired in the wwe a few yrs ago. But if this guy can elicit even half the feeling of watching a legitimate baddass wrestling machine, who can beat any opponent regardless of there size or strength because he’s just a wrestling machine like Kurt was able to project while in the ring, of course that was after he stopped doing his equally awesome American role model, I eat cookies with a nice glass of milk to celebrate my accomplishments, super nerdy guy gimmick he was doing. If this guy can even slightly fill that void left by Angle ill be a very happy fan because iv missed the kind of excitement, and that big fight feel that Kurt brought to his matches. They kind of tried to put Swagger in that spot but his mic skills are not on Angles level, nor are his in ring skills, which are still very good in there own right, although they didn’t need to be because he’s twice the size of Angle so he wrestles a bigger man style, but they blew it with him by jobbing him out to everyone and there mother. So needless to say im pretty excited to see this guy debut on NXT which at times is better then RAW or SMACKDOWN anyways, I would hope Sami Zayn wouldn’t still be in NXT by the time this guy starts wrestling there on tv, but if he is, then he and Zayn could potentially tear the house down, and he could do nothing but get better by working with a talent like Sami.

  • michael

    Hmmm.Kurt Angle 2? Admit it or not WWE lost one of the greatest. But Kurt also has his life thrown in the dump. Marriage, addiction, rehab. Although, I admire his in-ring abilities, He should go back home.